Our Mission

Many Emergency Services are overwhelmed by the amount of software required to run their service. The Emergency Services Scheduler provides you many of the tools you need to run your service from one simple to use platform that grows with your service including:

Credential Tracking
Online Education
Truck Check Offs
Supervisor & User Daily Logs
Duty Time In/Out
Document & Resource Warehouse
Vehicle & Equipment Tracking

We integrate our modules to fit your service and continually add new features to improve staff satisfaction while minimizing your expense. Being in EMS for over 21 years, we know the tools you require and our Mission is to constantly grow the scheduler suite with tools to improve your ability to serve others.

By combining the software into one suite, we can reduce staff friction, provide a consistent user-experience, improve retention, and save your service money.

Features We Provide

  • Monthly based schedule creation of a limitless set of configurations (24/48, 24/72, Days Of Week, Patterns, Multi-day rotating patterns).
  • Self Scheduling system.
  • Fully integrated notification system for coverage, shift updates, shift bid system & communication.
  • Credential Management system that tracks Classes, Licenses, Advanced Certifications, and Skills using a simple stoplight color system.
  • Online education system with quizzes, certificates and con-ed hours.
  • Scheduling of classes with and instructors with/or without user self sign-up.
  • Duty Time In/Out time stamp feature with security to ensure users don't clock in from home.
  • Time Cards generated with integrations into many county HR software suites.
  • Shift Swap system.
  • User availability for coverage of time off requests and special event staffing.
  • Google Calendar Sync.
  • BGS Messenger App for Android for push notifications.
  • Supervisor and User's Daily Log of activities.
  • Open event bid system that allows users to bid online and avoid barrage of phone calls for coverage.
  • Document warehouse / Resource section that can be used to upload protocols, forms or any other documents.
  • Training director verification of designated classes, certifications, and skills.
  • Comprehensive reporting section with analytics of scheduling and open events.
  • Vehicle Tracking system.

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