Have a great idea? We want to know.  The iOps360 platform is not a static product.  The platform has grown with requests from agencies just like yours.  Most feature requests are completed with out any cost to you.  This business model pushes the system to grow and make a better product for all customers.

Here are a few of the latest changes and upgrades to the platform:

  • Home Page Dashboard Graphs – Automatic graphs of your Available Users, Swaps, Time off and Open Shifts (Config->Schedule -> Schedule Functions -> Calculations)
  • Date Pickers – The popup date selectors you see everywhere can be color coded by Shift for 24/48 and 24/72 systems. Makes selecting an A,B,C shift date very easy. Highly recommend enabling. (Config -> Colors -> Colorize Popup Calendar slider in top right corner)
  • Assigning Supervisors – Supervisors can now be assigned from the user profile page
  • Equipment – Added admin person designated to receive notifications for equipment by the type of equipment (ie Uniforms -> John, Ambulances -> Tom)
  • Equipment – Service Requests can now attach uploads (ie Picture of dent in ambulance or defective equipment) and added Labor Hours and Labor Costs
  • Scheduler – Can now assign multiple people to the same unit and set that EMS 1 needs 3 personnel each day. Previously you had to have a separate position for each user. Great for larger programs. (Config -> Units -> Units Edit -> Require Minimum Number Of Users
  • Scheduler – Shift Templates – Shift Templates allows you to create a pattern and assign 1 or more users to the pattern. Allows you to assign a user to EMS1 x 24 today, and tomorrow EMS3, then EMS4 1st half/EMS5 2nd half etc. Any pattern/unit/hours can be created (Shift Templates)
  • Scheduler – Event colors have been replaced with Event Flags. Mark events as Extra Overtime, Mandatory Overtime, or any custom flags you like
  • Scheduler – When you Right Click on Event and select Free Text Page, shift information added to message body
  • Scheduler – Move/Assign Staff To ABCD Shift Units – Added a drag and drop method to move users between units. Rather than edit each users profile to move personnel for the next month, use this feature to change users around quickly. Calendar Admin Menu -> Move/Assign Staff
  • Scheduler Editor – Fixed issue of page Jumping when you first visit page
  • Units – Quick Add feature to assign users to a unit from the Unit config page
  • Education Certificates – Added System Logo image and Instructors to certificates
  • Truck Check Offs – Added a default number/value for each field when a user creates a new form. Speeds up the truck check process by setting the default par level
2018 – April Updates