Have a great idea? We want to know.  The iOps360 platform is not a static product.  The platform has grown with requests from agencies just like yours.  Most feature requests are completed with out any cost to you.  This business model pushes the system to grow and make a better product for all customers.

Here are a few of the latest changes and upgrades to the platform:

  • Work Orders / Support Center – The Support Center has now become the Work Order section and had a complete re-design. We have expanded the Categories, Features, Layout to allow you to track internal issues and tasks easier. We are currently integrating the Truck Check Offs with the Work Orders to create logistic / inventory requests system and deduct items from your inventory automatically. Check out the new Work Order and listen out for the Truck Check Inventory connector.
  • Education – Updated the Education Files/Attachment section to include a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation and Word Document Viewers for web browsers that were unable to open Microsoft Office files. Some browsers would download the files rather than open if the computer did not have the necessary viewers.
  • Shift Hours Change Request – We have added a comment block that admin can respond to users and include with user notifications when approving.
  • Active911 – Worked with Active911 to improve their Push notification speed. We were seeing delays of 3-10 minutes on the initial alerts and have reduced this to mili-seconds now. We have added Popups when a new alert occurs including Responses, Mapping, and Out The Door timers.
  • Education – ConEd – Ability to Quickly copy a prior Con-Ed (including Files, Quizzes, and Contributors) for use year after year.
    Recurring Emails/Paging – We have expanded the recurring emails section to allow more custom control of recurring emails. We also added additional filters to All Staff, Part Time, Volunteer, Full Time, Users Working Today, and more.
  • Leave Requests – Added the ability to create Leave Request for any user from the Edit Today’s schedule. Revised the Approval page to have an improved tab layout and includes users leave balances on the approval page.
  • Edit Today’s Schedule – Added user’s current leave balances in the User Information Box in the lower right corner.
  • Open Shifts – User Pickup page – Improved searching to show Un-Available on Open Events while user is already working.
  • Open Shifts – If user requests to work one open position and is given to another user, yet there is a second open position during that same date/time/unit, the user’s request will be automatically migrated to the other open position.
  • Training – Added Dates to Training Search, Approval Page added Hours and User Notes.
2019 – April Updates