Have a great idea? We want to know.  The iOps360 platform is not a static product.  The platform has grown with requests from agencies just like yours.  Most feature requests are completed with out any cost to you.  This business model pushes the system to grow and make a better product for all customers.

Here are a few of the latest changes and upgrades to the platform:

February 2019

  • Forms – Added Editing for Admins/Level 1 ++ after a form has been completed. Ability to search inside the forms for a User Referenced
  • Mass Add Leave Requests – Can put a user on leave over a date range for all shifts they are working
  • Inventory – Location Priority Added to allow you to ensure stock is rotated to the Highest Priority (Front Line) locations from the Middle and Lower priority locations
  • Reports – Add Report Of Supervisors and Direct Reports (All Users)
    Swaps – Added icon on Main Calendar to indicate swaps and also added Note on each event for Shift-For-Shift trades to include the Leave Identifier/Names
  • Users Details – Emergency Contact Information added to user View Page (Only that user and Admin can view)
  • Active911 Integration – Active911 Integration is up and running. Allows you to see your calls on the Status Boards and call history inside of iOps360. We are collecting data to build the Analytic Portal in the near future and call volume prediction using artificial intelligence. Learn More at https://www.bradgoodmansolutions.com/iops360-active911-integration/
  • Status Board – Added Support for Active 911 to show real time calls and popup when a new call arrives with user/vehicle responses. Currently supports any PC/Mac running the status boards and we evaluating FireTV vs ChromeBit as a stand alone solution.
  • Email & Paging – Ability to page by Volunteer status (also added to Time Cards/ Mass Add Skills/ etc)
  • Email & Paging – When changing user selector (All users, All FT, PT, etc) we no longer select all users to help with Mobile / iOS devices.
  • Education – National Registry Sync has added a captcha to prevent Database from syncing like we do. Feature is now permanently offline.
  • Schedule – Month View – Add Filter for specifically Leave Events.
  • iOps360 App – Updating app to handle users in multiple agencies, ability to email/page via app, and automatic login to the website from the app.
2019 – Feb Updates