Have a great idea? We want to know.  The iOps360 platform is not a static product.  The platform has grown with requests from agencies just like yours.  Most feature requests are completed with out any cost to you.  This business model pushes the system to grow and make a better product for all customers.

Here are a few of the latest changes and upgrades to the platform:

  • Education Reports – Added additional filters on many reports (User Roles, FT/PT Status etc) to help you limit your results and find what you need quick
  • Education – Added Date Off Orientation field in the user’s profile along with a Report called “Education – Orientation Evaluation Dates” to calculate the 30, 60, 90, 180, 365 evaluation dates
  • Education Stoplight – Dramatically improved the users stoplight calculation performance
  • Education – Automatic 30 day reminder to users before a Class or License expires
  • Schedule – Recurring Events can be added to the calendar by Day of Month, Day Of Pay Period, and Every x Number Of Day
  • Schedule – When Drag and Drop Available onto Open Position, will auto re-size the Open Position to what the Available User is not covering (ie 1st Half/2nd Half) so that you don’t have to edit the Open Position remaining
  • National Weather Service Warnings – iOps360 can display the National Weather Service warnings for your area. This will help keep staff informed and safe during severe weather events. Learn More At: https://www.bradgoodmansolutions.com/national-weather-service-warnings/
  • Reports – Added a Years Of Service Report
  • Reports – Added Hire Date and Date off Orientation Report
  • Reports – Automatic Report of My Staff – First Education Item Expiring – Can be scheduled to deliver to you at any time / any day
  • Status Board – Added Zone for Users NOT Clocked In Yet For Shift (Auto refresh q2 Minutes)
  • Skills – Improved ability for users to see skills performed and documents. Also added the ability to add skill documents after skill is created by the user.
  • Swaps – On Admin Approval, Swaps can be marked as ‘User Cancelled’ instead of Denied when users no longer need the swap request
  • Users – Automatic update to users Holiday, Vacation, and Sick Hours To Add each month/pay period based on Years Of Service
  • Users – Added ‘PRN / Volunteer’ to User Status Types instead of only Full Time and Part Time
  • Users Table – Added Date Off Orientation
2019 – Jan Updates