The Scheduler integrates with Active 911 to provide an additional method to notify users or information.


Configuration Of Active 911 System Email Address:

1.) Your agency has an Active 911 Email address that you will need.  Login to Active 911 and obtain your Agency Email Address.

2.) Click on “Features” -> “System Configuration” -> “Active 911 Configuration“.

3.) Click on “Active 911 System Email Address” and paste you Active 911 Agency Email Address and click “Update“.  The format will be “”.



Configuration Of Active 911 Groups:

Active 911 uses “Groups” that you can configure the users of each group.  Click on the “Groups” tab in Active 911 and notice the TWO LETTER code next to each group you have created.  The Scheduler will use these Group Codes to send notifications to your staff.

1.) Click on “Features” -> “System Configuration” -> “Active 911 Configuration“.

2.) Click on “Active 911 Groups“.

3.) Click on “Create New Active 911 Group“.

4.) Enter the “Group Code“.

5.) NOTE:  If you leave the Group Code blank, all users from Active 911 will be included.

6.) Enter the “Group Name“.  This does not have to match the group name in Active 911 but it most likely should for consistency.

7.) Click “Create Active 911 Group“.


Usage Of Active 911 System:

1.) Click on “Features” -> “Email / Paging System“.

2.) Click on “Compose A New Message“.

3.) Select “Filter Recipient List By” -> “Active 911 Groups“.

4.) Select the Group name from the “Available Recipients“.

5.) Click “Add (1) Selected User“.

6.) Finish composing your message and click “Send“.


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