The scheduler can automatically create Calendar Events when Users Sign Up for a class.  This feature will provide three features:

  1. The count of number of hours each user has worked pulls from the Scheduled Events (Not true time stamps since this requires complex validation & custom rules for each service).  By creating a calendar event for each class the user signs up for, the User’s worked hours calculation will more closely approximate the true hours.
  2. Scheduled classes will now show on the main schedule to ensure you know where staff are through out their day.
  3. Classes will be synced to user’s calendar and changes will automatically propagate to the user’s devices.


To Enable This Feature:

  1. System Configuration -> “Education” tab -> “Unit Used For Education”.
  2. Select the unit from your existing unit types.
  3. Click “Update Unit Used For Education”.
  4. If you do not have a unit build for Classes / Education, you can create a new unit under System Configuration -> “Units” tab -> “Units / Vehicles” -> “Create New Unit”.


To Utilize This Feature:

Once the “Unit Used For Education” is set, the scheduler will automatically create events when the user signs up for a class.  The scheduler will not go back and re-create events from the past since this could effect your payroll/time cards.  However, if you edit a class, the scheduler will automatically check and create any missing events.

For example, if the class runs Monday and Tuesday from 8 am to 10 am, each user signed up will have an event on Monday and another on Tuesday on their schedule for 8 am to 10 am.

If you change the Class Dates or Class Times, the events will be re-built to reflect the new class times.

For example:  If you adjust a class from a two day class to a three day class, all users signed up will have their events removed and rebuilt to reflect the three events instead of the prior two.

If a user un-signs up for a class, the schedule event will automatically be removed.

To Disable This Feature:

  1. System Configuration -> “Education” tab -> “Unit Used For Education”.
  2. Leave the unit selected drop down blank.
  3. Click “Update Unit Used For Education”.
  4. Any previously created events will remain on the calendar unless the Class is edited which will remove the events.



Automatically Create Schedule Events When Users’ Sign Up For Class
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