Equipment Inspections are date based reminders to perform Maintenance on any type of Equipment.  Examples include a Yearly Monitor software update, radio programming, or stretcher strut inspections.

Create an Inspection

  1. Click on “Features” -> “Equipment”
  2. Select the Equipment item from the list.  If the list is “Grouped”, click on the Equipment type to expand the list.
  3. Click on “Inspections” tab
  4. Click “Create New Inspection”
  5. Enter the “Inspection Name” ie Yearly Inspection
  6. Select which Equipment Attribute the Inspection is based on.  If this is recurring every x number of Days/Months/Years, then select “Date”.  If this inspection is based on a Numerical attribute (ie Mileage), select that Attribute type.
  7. Enter the “Inspection Frequency” ie 1 year or 12 months
  8. Enter when the Inspection should turn yellow.  As the Inspection approaches, you can select when the Inspection color will turn from Green to Yellow.
  9. Lastly, enter the Date or Number when the Inspection was last performed.
  10. Click “Save Inspection”

Viewing Inspections

Inspections can be viewed from two different ways.  You can select a specific piece of Equipment and click the “Inspections” tab.  You can view ALL inspections from the Equipment search page and select the “Inspections” tab from the search page.





Complying With Inspections

Locate the Inspection from either the “Inspections” tab on the Equipment Search Page or by going into the specific piece of Equipment and click the “Inspections” tab.

  1. Navigate to the Equipment
  2. Click on “Inspections” tab
  3. Click on the Inspection from the list
  4. Enter the Complied with Date or Number (ie Mileage)
  5. Click “Comply With Inspection”


Next, let’s create a Service Record.  Click the link below

Creating Equipment Service Records


Equipment Tracking – Creating Inspections
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