Equipment Service Records are a way to track issues directly from the users and ensure the equipment is repaired quickly.  Users can create a service record and enter the details of the problem.  The service record can be emailed to a supervisor, directly to a vendor, or even your maintenance department.  You can track updates on the repairs and put the equipment back in service.  This also allows you to track equipment issues over time to help determine which equipment should be retired.

Create a Service Record

When a piece of equipment breaks, users can create a Service Record.  This will ensure repairs are completed and issues are tracked over time.

  1. Click on “Features” -> “Equipment”
  2. Use the filters to find the specific piece of Equipment.  If the Equipment is grouped, click on the Equipment Type in the lower list to expand
  3. Click on the Equipment name
  4. Click on “Service Records”
  5. Click “Create New Service Record”
  6. Enter the details or the issue.  Be as specific as possible to ensure the problem can be reproduced
  7. If you have already sent the Equipment to the maintenance department, enter this information in the “Sent To Service” sections.
  8. Click “Update Service Record”
  9. Finally, use the Print icon to print the service record and attach to the equipment.

You can optionally email the service record to a supervisor, vendor, or the maintenance department.  Click the email icon to send to any user.  You can create a user for vendors to log in or email the service request to you and forward to the vendor as needed.


Completing a Service Record

Once the equipment has been repaired, the service record can be completed and the Equipment returned back into service.  Be sure to enter the results of the issues into the service record so that you can track these issues over time.

  1. Click on “Features” -> “Equipment”
  2. Click on “Service Records”
  3. Click on the Specific Service Record
  4. Click “Edit Service Record”
  5. Change the “Service Record Status” to “Completed”
  6. Additional fields will appear in the lower section
  7. Enter the resolution details.  Be as specific as possible to ensure you can trend these issues if they continue
  8. Click “Update Service Record”
  9. If the Equipment is now back in service, be sure to edit the Equipment and set the status to “In-Service”


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Equipment Tracking – Creating Service Records
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