BGS Scheduler will import information from a variety of county finance systems including Tyler Technology – eSuites.


To Import User’s Leave Balances from eSuites into BGS Scheduler:

  1. Run Or Request the “Accrual Balance Report” from eSuites.
  2. Save this file as an Excel worksheet (Not Html or CSV).
  3. In BGS Scheduler, Select “Features” and click on  “Import/Export Data“.
  4. Click “E-Suites – Import Leave Balances“.
  5. Click “Step 1 – Upload E-Suites Report Accrual Balance Report“.
  6. Select the report you saved from E-Suites in step 1 and Drag-And-Drop or Click Upload File
  7. From the eSuites report, find the “As Of Date” or “Effective Date” from the report.  Enter this into the field “Enter The Accrual Balance Report As Of Date / Effective Date:“.
  8. Click “Update Report As Of Date“.
  9. Verify that each user is matched from the E-Suites report to the BGS Employee Id.  If a user is not found, a red box will appear next to that user’s name.  You can edit the User’s profile and update their “Employee Id” field to correct any inconsistencies.
  10. Once all users have been matched, click “Complete Data Import“.


Note:  When using a leave balance import, User’s prior leave balance transactions will be removed.  The leave request will not be effected.  The transactions are removed to prevent confusion and conflicts.  Once the import is completed, adjustments will be made for future months already created, Pending or Approve time off requests and Partial Shift Swap where the user is on leave during the swap.


Note: Comp Time, Petty Time and Other hours will not be removed as they are not affected by the eSuites Import.


Additional Information:

Tyler Technlogies – eSuites


Import Users’ Leave Balances – eSuites Integration
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