Additional Features Included

Other Features Included

24/7 Live Support Chat

When you are using the scheduling suite an have a quick question, just click the Chat in the bottom to ask you question.  We are standing by and ready to help.

Automated Tasks

We are constantly creating new tasks to help your service.  Some of the automation features we have include:

  1. Automatic Reports - Have reports delivered to your inbox automatically.
  2. Google Calendar Sync - Your schedule will sync with Google Calendar automatically and show when and where you are working.
  3. Email Shift Reminders - Sends you an email before your shift begins so you never forget to work again.
  4. Class Subscriptions - Sends you an email when a class you need is being offered.  Get there first, and reserve your spot!
  5. Truck Check Off Notifications - When your truck check is completed, you can receive a copy in your inbox.
  6. Support Center Updates - When you have reported a problem or if you are in charge of a committee, you can receive updates when a support request changes.

Shift Bid System

The Shift Bid allows you to create a Bid for an open shift.  This bid can notify all users at once or in a list based on least number of hours worked.  This will help reduce your staffing costs while keeping trucks staffed.  You can further filter the list to a specific user role (ie EMT, Paramedic, Firefighter), a custom group of users, Full Time / Part Time and more.  When a user claims the bid, you decide to close the Bid or let the scheduler close the Bid automatically and assign the user.


Users Daily Activity Log

The Users's Daily Log can document activities through out the day.  If any "High Priority" items occur, you can mark the flag to draw attention to the event and create a follow up.

Supervisor's Daily Pass Down

Supervisor's Pass Down (Supervisor's Daily Log) is a protected admin only section to create notes of the days events.  The log has custom categories that you can create and organize.  Great for the oncoming supervisor to review the prior shift notes and events.  Optionally, this can be shown to all users on the login page as a way to keep staff informed of today's events.


You have hundreds of reports at your finger tips.  Report access varies depending on your Permissions so non-Admin staff can't see System Reports.  Other reports are available to all users include Staff Rosters, My Education Reports, and General Information.  If you need a report we don't have, no worries.  We will get it created quick!  No, seriously!


We integrate with many platforms to pull Human Resource data, send data to Finance, and pull Vehicle Mapping data.  Our open API allows us to connect many of our features with outside programs.

Spell Check

Yep, we have that too.  It's a necessary feature in our fast paced world.