The inventory system allows you to keep track of you stock at each base.  As crews remove items from the base inventory, you can see real time what items need to be re-ordered and build orders for each supplier.  You can track each order and ensure that all items are received and know what items are back ordered to prevent help over-ordering.

NOTE:  We can create your inventory from a supplier order sheet and import prices & supplier part numbers to save you hours of setup time.


Next, let’s configure a few items to maximize the benefits of the inventory system.  Click to see Inventory Setup


All Inventory Help Guides:  Click A Link Below To Explore The Inventory Features

  1. Inventory Setup
  2. Inventory Menu & Creating Your First Item
  3. Inventory Item Details & Editing
  4. Inventory Item Removal
  5. Inventory Check Off / Reconcile
  6. Inventory Orders