QA/PI Workflows And Support Center

Support Center

Correcting issues and ensuring users receive closed loop feedback to vital to the success of your organization.  Our Support Center allows Quality Assurance and Process Improvement tasks to be routed to the correct individuals and ensure the resolution is returned to the user.  When an issue is created, users will pick the category and the assigned users will be added to the notification tree.  Users can also add additional users that were involved.  As the management team corrects the issue, all users involved with be updated along the way.  Staff can quickly check back in on the status of Support Center Requests that they are involved in.

Support Center Categories

When you create Support Center Categories, you assign staff to handle these issues.  Examples include "Safety", "Vehicle Maintenance", "Quality Assurance", "Charting" etc.  Users in these categories can address the Support Center request and add Notes to the request.  Once the Support Center Request has been completed, the request can be updated to "Completed" and notify all staff involved.  You can create as many categories as need to ensure users can quickly locate the correct category to use.

Support Center Notes

As the Support Center Request is updated, notes can be added to record progress.  These are useful for trending the issues over time and ensure the situation is handled fully. 

Scheduler Updates And Requests

The support center has several built-in categories including "Feature Requests" and "Error Reports".  If you have any issues with the Emergency Services Scheduler, you can create a Support Center Request and use these categories to route the information directly back to us.  These are enabled for all users to quickly solve any issues or add new features.