Schedule Features

Schedule Features

Each service has unique needs and have an unlimited number of ways to create your schedule.  The schedule is created each month using the users's assigned unit.  If no user is assigned to a required unit, open positions are created to ensure you have coverage.  Once the calendar is created, the scheduler can also apply Leave Requests, Shift Swaps, Kelly Days, and even Randomization to each user to distribute the units each user works on evenly.

Schedule Types

Each unit or vehicle is configured to your staffing method.  The scheduler has pre-built templates for ABC shifts, ABCD shifts, Patterns (Dupont, 5 Day, Week shift, etc), Specific days of the week, a long rotational pattern (ie Supervisor On Call for 7 days at a time), and Shift Templates.  If you have a custom pattern, you can define the pattern and the scheduler does the rest.  Shift Templates allows you to schedule a group of users over a pattern and assign users to work on one or more units through out each work day.  This combination of tools allows you to build a simple schedule up to a complex arrangement of users and units.

Automatic Unit Rotation

Users can automatically rotate from one unit to the next each month.  Each shift is configured independently to give you the most options available.

Leave Requests

Leave requests are created by the users and an notification can be sent to the supervisor(s) for the user.  You can create rules to prevent leave requests if a Max number of users is already on leave, number of days the leave request must be created in advance, and block days from leave requests.  Leave balances can be included to prevent users from over using a leave hours amount. When a leave request is approved or denied, users will be notified.

Availability and Call Backs

Users enter their availability and these are used to fill your open positions.  Drag and drop users from the available list to schedule the users.  You can easily notify users they have been assigned to a shift.  The availability list shows you what days the user is already working, number of shifts assigned, the utilization % of each user and hourly cost of each employee.

Kelly Days

Kelly days allow you to reduce your overtime cost by granting users leave days on a pattern.  Kelly days are suggested by the scheduler and you decide which ones you have adequate available staff to cover the Kelly day.


The scheduler can automatically randomize designated Units or Users to distribute the shifts evenly.  Randomizations can be sub-divided by user credential, user role or unit assigned.

Shift Swaps

Shift swaps can be enabled to allow two types of swaps.  Shift-For-Shift swaps are when two users swap one shift for another shift.  Partial shift swaps are when one user is covering another for a few hours.  Each type can be enabled or disabled and you can configure how many days in advance the swap must be requested.  The person covering the swap will be notified and once both users approve the swap, the supervisor(s) for the users will be notified.  When the supervisor approves or denies the swap, both users will be notified and changes made to the calendar accordingly.