Sync Your Schedule To Google Calendar

Sync To Your Google Calendar

We strive to make your life easier and simpler.  One way we do this is by automatically synchronizing your scheduled events to your Google Calendar.  Anytime an event is created or modified, these changes appear on your Google Calendar.  Your Google Calendar default reminders will be used to ensure you never forget a shift or miss a class!

Google Calendar Setup

Setting up a Google Calendar sync is a quick task.  Go to your profile and click on the "Google Calendar Sync" tab.  Follow the instructions to authenticate with Google and give us access to create and modify OUR events on your calendar.   All of our events have a special header so we can only synchronize events that we created.  Your privacy and security are our central focus. Your Google credentials are sent directly to google and we do see nor store your credentials at any time.

iOS Devices

If you are using an iOS device, no problems.  Simply create a Google Calendar account and import the calendar into your phone.  Then setup the Google Calendar sync in your profile and you too will have instant access to your work calendar.

Automatic Shift Reminder Emails

Another awesome feature is the ability to receive a custom shift reminder before your shift begins.  Simply click on your profile and under "Subscriptions" tab, click Enable Shift Reminder.  Then select the number of hours before the shift begins that you want a reminder.