Inventory Check Off / Reconcile allows staff to ensure that the quantity in the physical Inventory matches the computer Inventory.

Perform An Inventory Check Off / Reconcile:

  1. Click on “Features” -> “Inventory“.
  2. Click on “Inventory Check Off / Reconcile“.
  3. Select the Inventory Location from the drop down.
  4. If you select the wrong Inventory Location, click “Change Location & Reset Changes“.
  5. A list of all items available at this location will be shown along with the Row-Shelf-Bin, Quantity and Par Level.  Non-Admin staff are able to adjust the additional features only during a reconcile since items may have been moved and this allows accuracy of the locations to be corrected.
  6. Items are sorted by the Row-Shelf-Bin to ease counting.
  7. Update the Quantity and change the Row-Shelf-Bin & Par Level only if needed.
  8. Items that are at a Sub-Location can also be removed from this page.  If you only had space for 10 items and the additional overflow items were placed on another Row-Shelf-Bin, users can replenish the primary location and delete the secondary quantity and/or sub-location at this time.
  9. Once a change has occurred in the Row-Shelf-Bin, Quantity or Par Level, the row will highlight in green and the update button will appear.
  10. Click “Update (x) Items” button to save changes.

Note:  In order to ensure all changes are made, click the Update button periodically to ensure you do not get logged out or lose significant changes to the inventory.  You are able to return to the Inventory Check Off / Reconcile page as many times as needed.



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