The View Inventory Item Details page shows all information for this item.  If you are not on this page, search for an inventory item and click on the item to view this page.


This page shows the details for an item called “Non-Rebreather Adult”.  The description below is an alternative name for the item to assist with searching.  This item used “NRB Adult” as the description to allow users to quickly find this item by either name.


Editing Inventory Item:

To edit an inventory item, click “Edit Item Details“.  This page will allow you to edit the demographics of an item, assign the Primary and Secondary suppliers, and assign the Primary and Secondary Manufacturers. Each item can only have one Primary Supplier and can have multiple Secondary Suppliers.  Click on a Secondary supplier to de-select all other secondary suppliers.  Hold the “Control” key on your keyboard while clicking additional Secondary Suppliers.

Click “Update Inventory Item Type” to return to the “View Inventory Item Details” page.


Deleting Inventory Item:

To delete an inventory item, click “Edit Item Details“. Then click the “Delete Inventory Item Type” button at the bottom.


Editing Inventory Suppliers Details ( Part Number, Qty/Order, Cost/Order):

The “Suppliers” section shows the Primary and any Secondary suppliers for this item.  Each supplier will have a Part Number that is used when you create an order.  Ie Supplier #1’s part number for a NRB Adult is “12345” while Supplier #2’s part number for a NRB Adult is “88888”.  When an order is created for Supplier #1 to order items, the Supplier’s part number will be shown on the order.

Each supplier also has a “Qty/Order” field.  When you order 1 order of NRB Adults from this supplier, you will might receive 50 masks.  This field tells the inventory when you are below the par level by 100 NRBs, then you need 100 divided by 50 = 2 Orders.

Each supplier also has a “Cost/Order” field.  This allows you track the cost for each order so you can compare one supplier to another.  By keeping the cost per order field updated, you will also notice when a supplier changes their cost since your order cost/total will be different.

To Edit a supplier Part Number, Qty/Order, or Cost/Order, click the Pencil icon next to any of the supplier fields.


Adjust Current Quantities & Locations of an item:

Note: Adjusting the current quantities is an Administrative feature.  Regular users will only be able to “Remove Items” and not adjust the quantity or locations.

Note:  Adjusting the quantity is a reconcile/edit, not for removing due to an item being used.  Removing of an item will prompt the user for the OCA/Chart Number.  Only Adjust the current quantity when not removing an item for a transport.


Each item can be at several locations.  At each of these locations, the item may exist in one or more areas.  (ie NRB Adult may be on Row G, Shelf 3, Bin aa and also at a Station 1 secondary location with a larger supply / backup supply.  The inventory will allow you to create multiple quantities of an item at each of your locations.

This shows the NRB Adult at each location.  At Station 1 on Row “G”, Shelf “3”, Bin “aa”, there are 15 items.  At Station 2, there are no items.  Notice the “Remove Item” button is only shown at Station 1 since there are no items available at Station 2.

Click “Adjust Current Quantities“.

The Row, Shelf, Bin and Quantity will become editable.  Once changes are made, click “Save Quantities“.


Add Sub Locations (Optional):

If you have a second area where you store an item (ie Backup Location), the Inventory will allow you to create a sub-location at each inventory location / base.  An example of this is the crew can access Non-Rebreather masks from the Crew Supply room.  Another supply room also has a larger supply that is used to back-fill the crew supply room.  Another example is this item is kept on Row G, Shelf 3, Bin aa and also on Row G, Shelf 3, Bin aa.   For these situations, click “Add New Sub Location“.  A second location will be created at the same location.  Then click “Adjust Current Quantities” to fill in the details at the Sub Location.


Adjust Par Levels:

A Par Level is the minimum quantity you want at each location.  When a quantity is below this level, this indicates you need to create an order. The Par level is specific to each location & sub-location.

To edit the par level at each location click “Adjust Par Levels“.  Enter your minimum par level for each location and click “Save Par Levels“.


View Item History:

When an item is removed by the crews or an adjustment is made to the quantities available, a record will be created in the item history section.  For server performance, these records are only loaded when you click “Show Last 50 Transactions / History“.






The user, date & time, action and quantity will be shown for transactions changing the quantity of an item.





Next, Click On Inventory Item Removal To Remove An Item From The Inventory.


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