On behalf of iOps360, we are glad to be a part of your team.  We look forward to serving you and begin the configuration of your scheduler and credential manager.

To become operational we will need a few items from you:

  1. List of Users – Provide a list of your users including their name and email address.  Optionally, we can import the users normal login / badge number / employee Id as well as their mobile phone number.
  2. List of Units – Provide a list of the units/vehicles including the days of operation (ie Monday-Friday) and the hours each unit operates.
  3. Start and end dates of your pay-periods – This will be used to generate your time cards.
  4. 24/48 / 24/72 configuration – If you service operates on 24/48 or 24/72, provide a date that is an “A” shift date to align our calendars.  If your service operates on a pattern, provide this and the start of the pattern.

This information will be enough to start your schedule.  Many features can be automatically imported to save you time.

As always, feel free to contact any member of the team with questions.

New Customer Setup