iOps360 Schedule Pricing Police Fire EMS

iOps360 contains tools for Comprehensive Scheduling, Learning Core, and Operational Tools

iOps360 Is..

iOps360 Scheduling Core

With over 14 years of scheduling experience, we have a comprehensive suite of Scheduling tools.  Staffing methods include ABC, ABCD, Days Of The Week, Long Rotating Patterns, Custom Patterns (Dupont, Modified Dupont, Charlotte Fire, etc), Self Scheduling, and Custom Shift Templates.  Each staffing model allows for Availability, Hire Backs, Swaps, Trades, Kelly Days, and Leave Requests.


iOps360 Learning Core

The Learning and Education Core allows you to quickly publish online Education, track Licenses and Advanced Certifications, sign up for classes, track Training Hours, and Skills performed.  Each user has a stoplight of Red, Yellow, or Green to quickly inform the user of their requirement status.  Users can have multiple User Roles with different requirements for each role (ie Paramedic and a Crew Chief).  All employee cards and certificates are stored in our Cloud Employee Document Warehouse


iOps360 Integrations

The hallmark of any great software is measurable in hours saved.  iOps360 partners with hundreds of other software platforms to reduce data re-entry, and bring data streams to your agency to help get the job done as quick as possible.  Integrations with HR platforms to transfer payroll data, pull national weather service warnings for your area, Active911 CAD link, and automatic License verification are just a few of the many integrations we have.

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