iOps360 Learning Module Education Document Warehouse License Certificate EMS Tracking

Education document warehouse automatically categorizes employee documents by type and by year.  Should a user need a copy of their education or an organization audit is performed, staff will have the documents in one place for quick access.

Class Documents

Once a student has completed a class, either the student or the instructor can upload a copy of their card directly into the class.  This will automatically include the card in the student's education document tree.

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Continuing Education Documents

Once online Education or Con-Ed is completed, a certificate will be issued.  Certificates include the Education name, date performed, Education Hours issued, and content authors.

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Licenses and Advanced Certification Documents

Licenses and Advanced Certifications can be required to have a copy of the document uploaded.  Even if documentation is not required, staff can upload a copy of the document for quick access.

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Other Education Documents

Other education are items that your organization does not require but allows students to track all education and hours in one location.  The ConEd Hours Reports will quickly aggregate all education and hours into a simple report used for re-certification.

Skill Documents

Skills performed by staff can have optional or required documentation.  Any skills performed will quickly show the skill details along with any supporting documentation.

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