Online Continuing Education

The Continuing Education (Con-Ed) portal allows you to create online education using a power points, PDFs, images, YouTube, and other website resources.  Users view each resource and take the quiz to receive Con-Ed hours.  Education can be designated to all users or specific user roles.  This allows you to have education for BLS providers and separate education for ALS providers.  Education can have an Opening Date and End Date or can be Supplemental Education that remains available forever.  Con-Ed hours can also be awarded automatically if you are a teaching institution.  Certificates will be issued to the users once all requipements are completed.

Continuing Education Files And Links

You can attach virtually any file type to the Education.  Files are uploaded to the cloud storage and users can review the files during down time.  If you have a Live training session and you record this to YouTube, then users can review the video and still receive the information needed.  You can also include links to other websites.  If you are providing education for a new piece of equipment, you could create a link to the manufacturer's website for additional resources.

Continuing Education Contributors

You can designate which employees contributed to the education.  This will provide users with a resource person for the education and also record which of your staff have been teaching and providing education.  During evaluation time, the teaching reports may help you decide which employees are high performers.

Continuing Education Quizzes

You can create a quiz to ensure users have reviewed the information.  Quiz questions are multiple choice and automatically randomized to help ensure compliance.  Quizzes can have time limits and all answers are saved real time in case they get a call in the middle of a quiz.

Continuing Education Certificates

Certificates are created once all files have been viewed and all quizzes have been passed.  The certificate will automatically add to the user's education document warehouse and can be printed or emailed.  If your service is a teaching institution, the certificate will have your teaching institution details and the number of Continuing education hours issued.