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Skills Tracking allows documentation of any skill type include Intubations, Femoral Line access, IO insertions, Extrication etc.  Each skill can have attributes to help further categorize skills and also upload any supporting documentation.  Skills can also include recurring requirements such as TB-Fit tests and PPDs.

Skill Types

You can create as many types of Skills as you like.  EMS agencies typically create skills including EZ-IO, Intubations, etc.  Many agencies also include Annual Skills Evaluations as a skill type also.

Alternative Uses

Skills can also include non-traditional skill tracking such as TB-Fit test, Physical Agility tests, and PPDs. Any requirement that is not pre-scheduled (such as a Class) and does not fall into the Licenses and Advanced Certifications, should be used as a Skill.  Another asset of the skill tracking is the ability to track clinical rotation time.  Since each skill has a decimal quantity, this can easily track hours in the ER, L&D, etc for on-boarding.

Skill Attributes

Each skill type can have one or more Attributes.  In the case of Intubations, you could have attributes of Neonatal, Pediatric, Adult, OR, Dynamic Simulator.  In the case of TB-Masks, you could have the size needed for the employee.

Skill Documents

When users document a skill, they have the option of uploading supporting documentation.  Skill Types can be setup to require students to upload supporting documentation before submitting for approval.


Skills can be added to the verification queue for Training Coordinator approval or be automatically verified.  In the case of a low-priority skill type such as "IV Placement", the Training Coordinator may not want to verify each item.  Skill Types such as an "Intubation" would require verification and quickly allow the Training Coordinator to pull the chart for further review.

User Roles

Each user can have one or more User Roles (ie Paramedic, Crew Chief, Captain, etc).  For each user role, you can configure the Requirements including Licenses and Advanced CertificationsClasses, and Skills. Users have a Simple Red, Yellow, or Green indicator to let each user know their Education Status and warn them if any items are about to expire.