Equipment Tracking & Maintenance

Keeping track of your equipment, maintenance items, and assets assigned to users is a big task.  We help organize and track your equipment so that nothing gets missed.  Each type of equipment can have custom fields that you can record and trend values over time.  For Glucometers, you can record the High and Low controls daily.  For Stretchers and Monitors, create inspections to ensure the latest updates are installed.

Equipment Search

The search page allows you to locate equipment quickly.  You can search by the Equipment Type (ie Monitor), Categories, Name, Unit Assigned To, and User Assigned to.  Equipment is automatically grouped by type to organize your equipment.

Equipment Inspections

Each equipment can have Inspections assigned so that maintenance is performed on time and even ahead of time to ensure all your vehicles are In-Service.  Inspections can be based on calendar year or any numerical custom fields (ie Mileage for a Unit).  Inspections will turn Red-Yellow-Green to show you when Inspections are coming due and also the percentage remaining.

Equipment Documents

Loosing documents and manuals are a thing of the past.  Document can be saved with each piece of equipment so manuals and warranties never get lost.  Documents are easily retrieved by locating the Equipment and clicking the "Documents" tab.

Equipment Service Records

Service Records allow users to record when a piece of equipment needs to go into service.  Users write up the issue and email the issue to a designated person.  Vital information is recorded directly from the user so that the real details are recorded to correct the issue.  The service record can be printed and attached to the equipment, indicating what is broken.  As the service record is completed, the details of the repairs are recorded.  This allows you to trend issues over time and know when a specific item should be replaced.

My Equipment

Equipment that is issued by your department can also be recorded such as Boots, Helmets, Clothing, and Portable Radios.  By assigning these to the user, the user knows what they are responsible for and also admin knows what has been given to the user.  Both the user and admin can follow any issues on the Equipment and ensure Inspections are completed correctly.