Inventory, Order Tracking and POs

Our robust Inventory contains the Inventory at each of your Bases.  You can quickly see how many you have at each location and know when it is time to re-order.  Users can quickly remove items from the Inventory and record the Chart/OCA/Dispatch number.  Reconciliation is also streamlined to ensure the quantities are correct.  When new orders are created, the system tracks the orders and notifies you if any items are back-ordered.  When you create an order to restock items, the Inventory will recommend other items that this supplier can supply to minimize your shipping costs.

Inventory Suppliers

Each inventory item has one or more suppliers.  You record the cost of each item per supplier and designate the primary supplier.  The inventory will record the suppliers part number and merge this with your part number to stream line the supplier ordering process.

Inventory Orders

When you create an Inventory Order, other items that the supplier can provide (that you are low on) will be recommended to bring your inventory up to Maximum Par level.  You can quickly see the quantities at each Inventory location and sub-location and realize the total number you need.  As the order is received, we show you the back-ordered amount so that you don't re-0rder items that are still back-ordered.

Inventory Locations

Each inventory location is created with your Base/Stations.  If you have a secondary supply room separate from the supplies users can access, a Sub-Location is useful.  Here, you can track bulk supplies and move these to the user accessible inventory locations as needed.  The Inventory will keep track of both quantities so you don't accidentally order additional items.

Min/Max par levels

Each Inventory Location and Sub-Location has a Min and Max par levels.  The Min par level indicates when you need to re-order or move supplies between locations.  The Max par level is the total number you want on-hand when creating an order.

Receiving Orders

When an order is fulfilled, you can easily designate the quantity to send to each location and sub-location.  Just select the Inventory base to restock to and the quantity you have sent to the location.


The Inventory Setup steps are broken down into several help guides.


Users should review the follow Help Guides:

  1. Inventory Item Removal


Administrators should review the follow Help Guides:

  1. Inventory Setup
  2. Inventory Menu & Creating Your First Item
  3. Inventory Item Details & Editing
  4. Inventory Item Removal
  5. Inventory Check Off / Reconcile
  6. Inventory Orders