Track all of your equipment

The Equipment tracking module allows you to keep track of where your equipment is, inspections needed, portal to write up issues on equipment, ensure resolution of equipment issues, and save documents and manuals with each piece of equipment.

Equipment Types

The Equipment type is the center piece of your Equipment tracking. Each Equipment Type can have as many custom fields that you want.  Examples include Model Number, Serial Number, Cost, Date Placed in Service, etc.

Equipment Inspections

Inspections are recurring maintenance reminders that ensure all equipment is ready for service.  You can create as many inspections as you like for each piece of Equipment.  Examples include a Yearly Inspection (PM) for your monitors to ensure cables are working properly and you have the latest software installed.

Equipment Service Records

Service Records allow users to write up defective equipment.  Detailed information is collected from users including how and why the problem occurred.  You can track progress of the Vendor repairs and also track issues over time.

My Equipment

The My Equipment section shows the Equipment that is directly assigned to you. This might include Uniforms, Hand-held radios, Helmets and other Equipment Types.  You can quickly access the Documents, Inspections, and Service Records for any of your equipment.


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