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iOps360 Mobile App

The iOps360 app for Android and iOS allows users quick access to Their Schedule, All Scheduled Events, Clock In-Out, Employee Profiles and Contact Information, User Messages, Quick Links and more.


Using the iOps360 app, staff are able to see their schedule and all scheduled events.  Quickly navigate to different days and view staff and hours of operations

Clock In/Out

Users are able to record time stamps using the iOps360 app by GeoFencing a Base/Station or by the Wifi IP Address.  Once a Station has been authorized for Mobile Clock In/Out, users can clock in safely knowing they are on premise.  Using the GPS inside buildings can sometime be cumbersome.  The iOps360 app will first check to see if the Wifi connected to a pre-designed IP Address, verifying the user is on site and allowed to clock in.  If users are clocking in Early or Late, a reason for the discrepancy is required.

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Users are encourage to use the iOps360 app for primary communications.  This ensure prompt delivery and also confirmation that messages were received.  Users have quick access to all received messages and can send mass-messages or just Quick Reply to the sender.

User Profiles

The iOps360 app allows for quick access to the employee profiles, allowing you to call, text, or email any staff member from the app.  Quickly locate an employee and communicate efficiently 24/7.

Quick Links

Users will have instant access to any pre-defined Agency web links.  Many agencies include links to payroll, charting, and other sites that are routinely accessed.

iOps360 Login

Users can quickly log into the full iOps360 platform with the app, allowing users to complete any task directly from their mobile phone or tablet.


Download iOps360 Messenger App for Android on Google Play Here

Download iOps360 App for iOS from iTunes Here