iOps360 Active911 Status Board Live Event Schedule Openings Education

The iOps360 Status Board Live provides mission critical information for your Agency to provide real time updates on Call Data, Schedule, Open Positions, Upcoming Education and more. There are over 13 unique zones that can be configured and also a Ticker-Tape scrolling message to display your messages, National Weather Service warnings, and recurring event information

Status Board Zones

There are over 13 different Zones you can select from

  • Active 911 / CAD. Display real time call information including address/location, cross streets, crew responses, mapping, and Out-The-Door timers
  • Education - Open Con-Ed Courses. Listing of active online education to quickly remind staff of needed education
  • Education - Upcoming Classes. Upcoming continuing education courses, location, and times. Great to display at the Training Center to guide students to the correct rooms
  • Google Calendar. Displays your organizations Google Public Calendar inside the status board
  • Schedule - Available Staff today and Users on Leave. Quick reference to the changes on the schedule today and additional staff if needed
  • Schedule - Today's Schedule. Listing of all staff working today, locations, and hours scheduled. Also includes user's skill level (ie Captain, Senior Medic etc)
  • Schedule - Tomorrow's Schedule. Listing of all staff working tomorrow, locations, and hours scheduled
  • Schedule - Upcoming Notes and Reminders. Displays the scheduled notes for the day and any event reminders - I.e. Inventory Day, Truck Wash Day, etc
  • Schedule - Upcoming Open Events. Listing of all upcoming Open Positions to encourage staff to pickup the openings
  • Supervisor's Daily Pass down / Daily Log. Displays the Supervisor's information of the day including any staffing issues, PR events, vehicle issues, etc
  • System Log. Displays the current System Log for Admin to view events occurring inside iOps360
  • System Log - Recent Logins. Displays the users recently logging into iOps360 to ensure vehicle check offs, policies, and staff engagement
  • Time Stamps. Listing of the users currently Time Clocked Into work
  • Time Stamps - Users Not Clocked In. Display any users who should be clocked in but have not yet.
  • Users - Birthdays and Anniversaries. Quick reminders to say happy birthday to staff and also work anniversaries from the users hire date.
  • Weather. Display the current weather for your organization

Status Board Hardware

Status Boards can be ran from either an Asus ChromeBit (~$80-$100) or any desktop computer. To have a stand-alone status board, we recommend the the ChromeBit due to no Windows Updates and higher reliability. ChromeBits can be found on Ebay or the Asus Website.

Setup Instructions

Status Board Setup / Configuration

The Status Boards are divided into User Zones and Stand Alone Logins.  The User Zones are the displayed information when a User views the Status Board once logged in.  The Stand Alone Zones are the zones for each specific login.  Each Status Board Login can have it's own configuration (ie Education based status board vs a Crew Status Board)

  • Click on Features -> "System Configuration"
  • Click "General" tab
  • Click "Status Board"
  • Click "Create New Status Board Login"
  • Enter the Login and Password for the Status Board

Next, we will configure the three Status Board Zones

  • Click on Features -> "System Configuration"
  • Click "General" tab
  • Click "Status Board"
  • Click "Setup Status Board Zones & Scroller Information"
  • Choose a configuration for each Status Board Zone (Left, Center and Right).
  • Note, on Mobile devices, only the Left Zone will be displayed. Many agencies choose the Active911 / Cad information for the Left Zone so that this is readily available on all mobile devices.
  • Also, Enter any Custom Message to scroll at the bottom of the Status Board, and select if the Scroller Message should include the Recurring Events of Today, and the User Login Message.

Viewing The Status Boards

Any user can access the Status Board from the "Features" menu and select "Status Board". Click anywhere inside the Status Board to go Full Screen. Note: When using the Status Board on a normal User Login/Password, the user will still be auto logged out after 20 minutes and no mouse activity. To keep the Status Board from logging out, create a "Status Board Login" above.

When using a "Status Board Login", enter the Status Board Login and Password on the main iOps360 Login page. iOps360 knows this is a Status Board and will display the Status Board. The user can not navigate away from the Status Board to other areas of iOps360.

Real-time Updates and Data Refresh

The Active911 / CAD zone uses Push notifications for immediate updates when a new Active911/Cad call arrives. Popups will display the map to the location, crew responses, and the Out-The-Door Timer. All other zones will pull the current data on varying intervals. Birthdays and Anniversaries will reload once a day while zones like System Log and Users Not Clocked in will reload every few minutes.

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