Location & Landing Zone Database

The location feature allows you to store a location database of all Airports, EMS agencies, Fire Departments, Helipads, Hospitals, Landing Zones, Medical Facilities, and more. Each location can have multiple addresses, phone numbers, mapping, and a notes section for Gate Codes, Door Codes, and special instructions.

There are over 61,000 locations pre-loaded in the database automatically.  Any location that you create will remain private so that only your staff can see the information.

Location information can quickly be sent to staff via email and text including door codes, address, coordinates and more.



Turning the Location Database On/Off

To enable the location database, click on System Configuration -> General -> Modules -> Location Database


Searching the Location Database

From the Features Menu, click Locations.

Use the filters on the left to select the Location Type, Name, City, State, County, etc to find your location.  New locations can be added by clicking “Add New Location”.  Once you have found the location, click on the location title.

Viewing a Location

When you view a location, the Address / Notes tab will show basic demographics.  If the location is a Airport or Heliport, a link to the Airport Information including communication frequencies, services offered, and nearby navigational aids.

Each address is listed along with the coordinates that are automatically created from the street address or can be manually entered for locations with no address (ie Landing Zones).

Notes, Door Codes, and Parking instructions is private information only for your staff.  You can update this information and attach any information needed here.  This information will not be seen outside of your organization.

Phone Numbers are listed on the next tab. You can add as many phone numbers as you like.

Documents and pictures can also be attached to each location including approach direction, any obstructions or maintenance concerns.

Send Location To User / Staff

Click the “Send To” tab to quickly send selected information to a specific user or the users working on a Unit/Vehicle from the schedule.  You can also scan the QR Code using your phone to quickly create a Contact with all the information.

Nearby Locations

Nearby locations will show the next closest locations to this one.  Should a facility go on diversion or weather changes and you need another landing zone / airport, the page will show the locations along with distance and heading.

Units Nearby

BGSolutions also has the ability to receive real-time tracking data from almost any provider (NetCloud, GeoTabs, OpenGTS, Outerlink, SkyTrac, SpiderTracks).  The Unit Distances tab will calculate the distance and heading from your units/vehicles to the selected location.  The information will auto update as your vehicles move.