Communications And Notifications

Our notifications platform provides you with real time communications with your staff using Email, SMS, Google Cloud Messaging, Active 911, and the Android BGS Messenger app.  Users decide on the best communication methods for them and them and all messages are sent to each method.  All messages are recorded to prevent misuse.  You can also create pre-determined messages to speed up routine notifications.

Notification Methods

Our cloud notification system uses the latest technologies to ensure delivery of your messages.  Users can have delivery of notifications to two email address, the BGS Messenger App, and also Active 911 Groups.  The BGS Messenger App allows users to set various ring tones to differentiate your service notifications from other sounds.


Our two-way SMS/Text system allows you to send a notification from the scheduler to users via Email, SMS/Text, Active 911, and Mobile Apps.  If the user responds back to the SMS/Text, you will receive the reply in the methods your profile is configured for.  (ie SMS Reply can go to your SMS, or Email, etc - ie Digital Patch between methods).  Additionally, you can text the Scheduler "Help" to see all commands, "Today" to receive Today's schedule, "Schedule" for you next 5 events and lots more!

Email To SMS Gateway

Notifications are optimized to ensure SMS delivery.  Users can enter their 10 digit phone number + provider domain to have messages delivered via SMS.

Active 911

Your Group code can be used to send notifications via Active 911 platform.  Our servers communicate directly with the Active 911 system to ensure rapid delivery.

Custom Email Groups

You can create custom groups to speed up routine notifications.  Groups such as "Haz-Mat", "Admin", "Education" etc will provide a greater consistency to your staff and ensure no-one is left out.

Automatic Shift Reminders

You can receive an automatic email or text to remind you of an upcoming shift.  Especially for Part Time or PRN staff, this will ensure users never forget a shift.  In your profile, click on "Subscriptions" and Enable Automatic Shift Reminders.  Then select the number of hours in advance you want the notification.

Class Subscription Reminders

If one of your classes is about to expire, you can have the scheduler notify you when a new class is created.  This way you can quickly sign up for the class and ensure you maintain your certifications!  In your profile, click on "Subscriptions" and select the Class Type that you want to be notified for.

Google Calendar Sync

Another great feature along with the Automatic Shift Reminders is the Google Calendar Sync.  All of your events can automatically sync with Google to ensure your phone calendar is always correct.  Check it out here