Truck Check Off Sheets

Our unique Truck Check offs allow staff to document the Truck Checks real time from the the truck.  This reduces paper and ensures a more accurate check off. Truck checks are automatically formatted for your mobile phone or tablet and allows users to click section by section to ensure accuracy.  Using the Drag and Drop editor, you can have as many check offs, sections, and questions as needed.  Users can include comments on questions and also a narrative section at the bottom.  Once completed, users can email the truck check or review it anytime from the search page.

Truck Check Forms

You can have forms for each type of truck chassis/style you have.  You can also have a truck check for sealed patient care bags so that once a seal is opened, a new check off is required.  Each truck check is enabled for specific units to ensure users pick the correct sheets.  You can change many details about the forms including the number of columns, who is emailed/notified when the form is completed and if users can copy the prior form into their own.  The copy feature is useful with drug expiration dates.

Question Types

Question types include check boxes, numbers, dates, custom drop down lists, drug amounts, expiration dates, inventory items, and oxygen tank fields.  This allows you to capture any information needed.  Questions are organized into one or more columns and categories.  Comments can be enabled next to each question and also a longer narrative at the bottom for issues and restock notes.  Special question types like Mileage, Pump Hours and Engine Hours will feed over into the Equipment sections and automatically update any inspections (ie Oil Changes, Transmission changes).


Truck checks can be automatically emailed to one or more people when the form is completed.  Specific users can be designated or the person working on a specific vehicle can receive the emails.  Forms can also be printed and retrieved any time.

Auto Save

All data is automatically saved.  If you get a call while filling out the Truck Check Form, have no worries, all work will be right there when you get done from the call

Special Reports

iOps 360 Truck Check Off Special Reports

Additionally, Administration should be aware when any specific condition occurs.  Ie Narcan is about to expire.  You can designate any questions to generate a Special Report when a user fills out a Truck Check question.  Each question can have comparisons of Blank, Not Blank, Equal To, Not Equal To, Greater Than, Less Than, In A List, and Not In A List.  There are unlimited options to ensure you are always aware of your organizational readiness.