iOps360 Schedule Pricing Police Fire EMS

Scheduling Features

Each organization has unique needs and iOps360 has an unlimited number of ways to create your schedule.  You can mix and match different scheduling patterns across any units.  The schedule is created each month.  If no user is assigned to a required unit, open positions are created to ensure you have coverage.  Once the calendar is created, iOps360 will adjust for Time Off Requests, Shift Swaps/Trades, Kelly Days, and even randomize staff fairly if needed.

Staffing Patterns:

  • 24/48
  • 24/72
  • Any Custom Pattern (Dupont, Modified Dupont, Charlotte Fire, etc)
  • Specific Days Of The Week
  • Long Rotating Patterns (ie Supervisor on call for 7 days at a time)
  • Shift Templates
  • Staff Randomization
  • Automatic Staff Rotation from one unit to another (Monthly or Bi-Monthly and specific to each shift)

Google Calendar Sync

Once the schedule has been published, the Google Calendar Sync will immediately synchronize your schedule to each user's Google Calendar.  Users can authorize iOps360 to modify their Google Calendar in their profile and the users are all set.  Any changes to the published schedule will automatically adjust on the user's devices so all staff always have the latest information

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Schedule Requirements

Creating Staffing Requirement Groups allows you to define one or more rules and assign this group to one or more units and vehicles.  You can create rules to ensure minimum staff requirements on essential positions and also enhance these rules to prevent newer staff from working together, ensure a senior staff member, FTO, etc. is working.

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Time Off Requests

Leave requests are created by the users and an notification can be sent to the supervisor(s) for the user.  You can create rules to prevent leave requests if a Max number of users is already on leave, number of days the leave request must be created in advance, and block days from leave requests.  Leave balances can be included to prevent users from over using a leave hours amount. When a leave request is approved or denied, users will be notified.

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Availability and Call Backs

Users enter their availability and these are used to fill your open positions.  Drag and drop users from the available list to schedule the users.  You can easily notify users they have been assigned to a shift.  The availability list shows you what days the user is already working, number of shifts assigned, the utilization % of each user and hourly cost of each employee.

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Open Shift Pickup

Once the calendar has been made and Open Positions remain, staff can Request to Work the open shifts.  Notifications can be sent to alert admin of the User request to quickly fill the shift.  Alternatively, you can also allow users to "Click And Get" an open shift if all the requirements are met

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Kelly Days

Kelly days allow you to reduce your overtime cost by granting users leave days on a pattern.  Kelly days are suggested by the scheduler and you decide which ones you have adequate available staff to cover the Kelly day.

Shift Swaps / Trades

iOps360 has 3 distinct types of Shift Swaps to match your agency's policies. Shift Swaps have multiple configurations to set the advanced notice for swaps, the number of supervisors required (One supervisor or both users' supervisors), and can be required to be in the same work week to reduce over time.  Staff are notified through out the Swap Approval process and can view the status of the swap at any time.

  • Shift-For-Shift: User 1 and User 2 are swapping shifts.
  • Partial Shift Swap: User 2 will cover part of all of User 1's shift and User 1 will "pay back" User 2 at a later date. Partial shift swaps can require User 1 to use Leave Time if desired.
  • Shift Give Away: User 1 will select one or more User Roles available and broadcast their intent to swap to these personnel.  Once a user accepts the request, the swap will function as a Partial Shift Swap.

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The scheduler can automatically randomize designated Units or Users to distribute the shifts evenly.  Randomizations can be sub-divided by user credential, user role or unit assigned.

Shift Bids

When Open Shifts have not been picked up and administrations wants to prompt the staff for specific events, Shift Bids will come in handy.  You can select a specific open position, select which staff to notify, the amount of time for the staff to respond, and how to sort the users list (ie Least amount of worked hours to reduce overtime)

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