The Time Stamp In/Out records users' time stamps and uses this information to create a custom time card for your service.  Once a user logs in from a known location, users can quickly Clock In and being work.  Users can also record notes if clocking in outside normal times or attending a class.

Access Points

Time Clock Access Points are pre-determined locations that staff are allowed to Clock In/Out from based on IP Address.  Each location that you allow to record time stamps will let users record a time stamp.  If the user is not on-site, then they can not record a time stamp.  We have also allowed devices on your WiFi from each location to also record a time stamp.  If the computers are busy, users can record a time stamp from their phone or laptop as long as they are on your WiFi.

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iOps360 Mobile App Clock In

The iOps360 app for Android and iOS allow users to Clock In/Out based on either the Time Clock Access Point or if the user is within the GPS range for that location.  You can set the Geo-Fence range for each location.

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Other Methods (Barcode In/Out & RFID Badges)

Users are also able to use a barcode on their badge to record a time stamp.  This is very useful if you have many users reporting to a location at the same time.  You can have a dedicated laptop in the truck bay and users quickly record their time stamps.  Designated computers will stay logged into iOps360 and only allow for Time Clock purposes.

Human Resources & Financial Integrations

Time cards can be created and exported to many Human Resources / Financial programs.  This reduces the chances of errors and saves you countless hours of work.  User can electronically sign their time cards from work or home and complete the payroll process.  Our unique API allows the scheduler to import and export data into virtually any format (Munis, Sungard, Paylocity, etc).  Our platform also Imports data from these sources to automatically update user's leave balances and profiles.

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Shift Hours Change Request

If you service is not using the Time Stamps feature, users's scheduled events can be used to create a time card and also export to your HR/Financial software.  When users start a shift early or stay late, the Shift Hours Change Request allows users to document any discrepancies to their scheduled times.

Custom Time Card Design

We have many time card formats available.  If your agency requires a specific time card format, we may be to accommodate and create a format specifically for your organization.

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