The Supervisor’s Daily Log allows for information to be documented per day and archived.  Information in the Supervisor’s Daily Log can not be viewed by non-administrative users.


The Supervisor’s Daily Log has a standard “General” category and additional categories can be created.

Create Additional Categories:

  1. Click “Features” -> “System Configuration“.
  2. Click “Supervisor Log Categories“.
  3. Click “Create New Category“.
  4. Enter the category name. A Minimum of 3 characters is required.  Categories will be shown alphabetically.  Start the category with a number to put items in a specific order (if needed).
  5. Click “Create Supervisor’s Log Category Type“.


Entering Information Into The Supervisor’s Daily Log:

  1. Click “Scheduling Admin“.
  2. Click “Edit Today’s Schedule“.
  3. Navigate to the correct date (if needed).
  4. Expand the “Supervisor’s Daily Log” section (if needed).
  5. Click “Edit Your Entry“.
  6. Once changes are made click “Update Supervisor’s Log” or “Update Supervisor’s Log & Email To Sysops“.


Information in the log will be organized with the most recent information at the top and broken down by each category.

Note: If a category is deleted, the prior records for that category will be merged into the General category.