Public Classes

You can select classes to be “Public” which will show this class on a calendar to Non-BgSolutions users and allow any user to register for the class.  Each Public class will have a secret website link as well as you have a secret link to your entire Public class Calendar.  This feature will allow you to maximize your instructors time and also provide increased public relations with local agencies.

Public Classes Calendar

You have a public calendar that is available to Non-BgSolutions users.  Any user with the link can view the calendar of all upcoming classes with out logging in or creating a profile.  The link to the public calendar is located in

System Configuration -> Education -> Public Class Calendar

The calendar also comes with an embedded iFrame that allows your IT department to place this calendar on your public website.

Creating A Public Class

To open a class up for Public Registration, Create or Edit an existing class.  Locate the field “Maximum Participants (Public/Anyone)” and set this to the number of students you want.  A value of Zero (0) will hide this class from the Public Calendar and prevent public registration.  Selecting one (1) or more public users will enable this class on the Public Calendar and allow Public Registration.

NOTE: Once a class has at least one (1) Public Participant, a new tab will show on the Class View Page to show all “Public Users Signed Up” as well as the Secret Link directly to the class.  This link can be distributed to users Or the main Public Calendar link. 

NOTE: Administrative users can also add Public Users to the class and roster by clicking the “Add PUBLIC Users” link from the View Class page.


Public Class Registration

Users can register for any public class that has not already started/occurred and a class that has Open seats remaining.  Using the Public Calendar Link (System Configuration -> Education -> Public Class Calendar) or the specific Public Class Link (View Class -> Public Users tab -> Public Link To Class), then Non-BgSolutions users are able to Register for your class.  Select the Class from the Calendar, enter the Demographics including Name, Phone Number, Email, and Affiliated Agency, and click Register.

Any Public users registered for the class will appear on the class roster.  Any duplicate users registered can be removed from the Class View page.  The Public Class Registration page does not require users to create an account, confirm email links, password etc to facilitate public registration to speed up the registration process for Non-BgSolutions users.


Public Classes and User Registration
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