The Training module allows you to record Training Topics that you have completed and record the Hours towards your yearly Quota.

First, let’s cover a little terminology:

  1. User Role – this is the group that you are in such as “Officer”, “Driver”, “Paramedic” etc.  If you have multiple user roles, then use the User Role select drop down to select which user role through out the web pages.
  2. Con-Ed Hours Type or Hours Type – This is the category of hours that a topic will award you with when completed.  Hours Types can include “Facilities”, “Company”, “Hazmat” etc.
  3. Quota – A quota is the amount of Con-Ed hours that you need per Year for your User Role.  Ie An “Officer” needs 192 “Company Hours” and 18 “Facilities” hours per year.


Next, let’s explore the Training Menu.

From the “Education” menu, select “My Training

The Training menu has 4 options from the left.  If you click on “My Training Progress“, you will see each hours type and your progress towards your yearly quota amount.  In this case, the user has 39 hours of the 192 required.  The progress bar shows that we are at 20% of this type.  If you have multiple user roles, you can change the User Role from the drop down next to “My Training Progress” where it shows “Officer” in the image above.

You can use the “Training Search” feature to review your past training including the topics performed, date of training and any additional details.

The “Training Quotas” feature will display a summary of all hours types that you need in a given year.


Next, let’s record a training completion.

From the “Education” menu, select “My Training

Click “Record New Training

Notice that there are three (3) tabs across the top: “Activity”, “Date / Location”, and Users (#)”.  Each of these tabs has required fields that we can quickly record details about this training.

  1. On the “Activity” tab, select the “Training Type
  2. You can use the optional “Filter Topics” to only show topics that award training hours of a specific type (ie “Company”)
  3. Select the “Training Topic” from the list of available items.  If a topic is missing, ensure you have the correct Training Type and the Filter Topics is left blank.  Some topics are only able to be recorded by Admin.  If a topic is missing, contact an Administrator to add the topic to your list
  4. Enter any notes about the training including what you did, and any methods used
  5. Select 1 or more Objectives from the “Objectives Completed
  6. Click on “Go To Date/Locations” or the “Date / Location” tab at the top
  7. Use the “Quick Set” button in the top right to pre-fill the Date and Location fields
  8. Review the Date, Times, Instructor and Location that the training was performed
  9. If you are not an Administrator, click “Record Training” button to complete the process
  10. If you are an Administrator, continue with the steps below
  11. Click “Go To Users” button or “Users (#)” tab at the top
  12. Use the “Filter Available Users” section to limit the “Available Users” in the middle.  If no filters are selected, all users will be shown.  Click and Drag a user from Available Users to the Selected Users section
  13. After all users have been selected, click “Finalize & Save

Once a training has been recorded, you will see the training summary page.  Record additional training as needed.  If a training is incorrect, click “Edit Training” to correct any problems.



Recording Fire Department Training
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