Once the monthly calendar is made, you will need to cover all leave requests with available personnel, ensure required units are covered and review over time accruals.


Click on “Scheduling Admin” -> “Edit Today’s Schedule

Let’s review each piece of the edit schedule page.

  • Navigation Bar

At the top of the page is the navigation header.  In the center you will see the day you are editing and the associated shift letter.  To the right of the shift letter is a calendar icon .  Click on this icon to jump to another date.  You can also enter the date into the browser url bar .

To the left of the date are a series of icons.

The first icon is Expand Bases icon.  Each Base contains all the units assigned to organize units easier.  ie Station 2 has units “M21” & “M22”.  The next icon is the Collapse Bases icon.  This will hide all units in each Station.  The middle icon is the Add New Event icon.  Use this button to create a new event on the schedule.  The next icon is the Email For Coverage icon.  Click to notify staff that an event needs coverage (You can select which users on the notify page).  The last icon is the Refresh Schedule icon.  This will reload all the resources on the page.  It is faster to reload the resources rather than reload the entire page.


To the right of the date are the quick navigation icons. 

The first icon will return you to today’s schedule.  If you are already on today’s schedule, then this icon will not be shown.  The remaining icons will move the schedule editor ahead or back one Shift or Day.


  • Bases & Units

On the left side of the editor, you will see each Base and the units that are assigned to Base.  Note that each base can be expanded or collapsed with the icon next to the base name.  Station 1 is collapsed and can be expanded by clicking on the expand carrot.

Under each Station, the units at that station will be shown (ie M31-1) along with the normal times the unit operates.  The user(s) working the event is shown below the unit name.  If there are any notes from supervisors or users, these will be shown as a black comment balloon.  The Comments can be seen by hovering over the comment balloon.  Notice that two users are working on unit M31 0700-1900 and 1900-0700.


To Add An Event, you can click on the add icon in the top navigation bar or double click on the unit nameThe popup will ask for the unit and the user to work the event.  If you double-clicked on the unit name to create the event, then the unit will be automatically selected for you.  Select the user to work the event or leave it as an Open Position.  Once you click “Create Event” the remaining event details (Times, notes etc) will be shown.


To Move User From One Event To Another, drag and drop the User’s name from one unit to the top of the second unit.  You will notice a small cursor while dragging the user and this must be on a unit, not another user name.


To Edit A User Or Open Position, right click on the user’s name to show the options menu.

Edit Event will open the edit event dialog where comments, times, date, etc can be changed.

Duplicate Event will create a new event with the same user, times, date, unit that may be useful when doing complicated edits (ie User 1 is working 24 hours but needs 1pm-3pm off for doctor visit).

Delete Event will delete the event from the schedule (after confirmation)

Move User To Leave will collect information from you for the number of hours of leave, leave hours type (ie sick) and automatically approve the leave request.  This will also allow you to create an open position for another user to cover the event.

Email User Event Information will notify the user via email or messenger app of the event date, time, and other details.

Email User (Free Text/Custom) will open the notification creator and allow you to add a custom message (ie I needed to move you to Station 1 because another user was sick).

View User Profile will open the user’s full profile for contact information and other details.

View User’s Schedule will show you the events the user is working in the vicinity of this event.


  • Coverage Check

The Coverage check is in a collapsible menu along with Leave Requests, Available Staff, and Supervisor’s Daily Log.  If this area is collapsed, click the title bar to show the details.  The coverage check will verify that each unit is staffed correctly.  If possible, a suggestion fix will be automatically calculated and shown as “Quick Fix“.  Clicking on the “Quick Fix” will perform the event modification and reload the schedule.  If you want to see the error detected, click on the unit name (ie M11-1) to expand this portion of your Bases tree.


  • Leave Requests

Just below the Coverage Check menu you will see the Leave Requests menu.  Each leave request for this date will be shown along with the Hours, Leave Request Status, Category and Hours Type.  The Leave category are custom categories that your agency defines and may assist with Time Cards and the leave request approval process.  The hours type is the hours balance the user will be using to cover the hours (ie Sick, Vacation, etc).

At the bottom of the Leave Request, there is a toggle to prevent Further Time Off Requests for this date.  This will add a Time Off Exclusion to this date and prevent new time off requests from being submitted.


To Edit A Leave Request, double click on the user’s name to open the edit dialog.

The details of the leave request are shown along with additional information that may assist you with the leave approval process.  Notice that this Leave Request has already been approved.  Leave requests will typically be approved from the “Scheduling Admin” -> “Review Time Off Requests” but can also be approved on the schedule editor.

Since this Leave request is already approved, the leave request must be changed to “Pending Approval” for editing of times, leave category, and hours type.  Next, click “Reset To Pending Time Off Request & Notify User” button.  The Leave Request is now back in “Pending Status” and you the “Modify Hours” button is visible.


Once the changes are made, set the “Time Off Status” to “Approved” to update the Leave Request and notify the user of the changes.


  • Available Staff

Below the Leave Requests menu, you will see all available staff. Both full time and part time staff can submit availability for extra shifts.  Users are ordered by the percentage of available events used compared with the total number of available shifts submitted.  The less you have utilized the user, the higher the user will be in the table.  The (+1) in the Available hours section indicates that the availability spans into the following day.  The Hours column contains the total Scheduled hours the user is assigned to work this Week, this Month, and this YTD.  The Shifts columns contains the number of events the user is Used on this month, number of availability events submitted for the month and the utilization percentage.


To Use Available Staff, click and drag the user’s name from the Available Staff section onto the unit that you want the user to be assigned.  You can not drag a user onto a Base or onto another User/Open Position, it must be to the UNIT name.

This method will remove the user from the Available Staff section.  If you manually edit an open event, the user will remain in the Available Staff which could lead to double staffing the user.  If an open position exists for a unit, you can drag the user over and then right click on the open event and delete the open event.  If you want to notify the user that they have been assigned to a unit, right click on the event and select “Email User Event Information“.


  • Supervisor’s Log

The Supervisor’s Log provides a resource for documenting events through out the day and information to pass onto following supervisors.  Staffing issues, vehicle issues and general information to be noted can be placed here.  No patient identifiers should be included.  Information here is only exposed to supervisor and above level access.


  • Event Details information

Click once on any event and the event details will be shown in the Event Information window.


  • User Information window

Click once on any user and the user information details will be shown in the User Information window.

Schedule Editing
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