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Scheduler Notifications provides you with a way to send non-essential notifications to users when the login to the scheduler.  This system does not send any immediate notifications to users as the Email and Paging system does.   Great uses for the notification system includes reminders to submit time cards, upcoming meetings and new policies and procedures rolled out.


If you are looking for Email, Paging, SMS/Text, and Mobile App communications, click here.




  • Inform staff of Non-Essential communications with out emailing or paging staff
  • Records compliance of when users open the notifications to ensure all staff are informed
  • Searching of prior notifications you Sent or Received

Viewing your notifications:

If you have any Non-Viewed notifications, you will see a Number next to the Bell icon.  Click on the bell icon from any page to view and mark the notifications as received.  If no number is present, you can still view prior notifications and create a new notification.

From the view notification popup, you can

  • Dismiss the Notification using the Dismiss button and Dismiss all messages at once
  • Click on the Date/Time sent to view additional details on this message
  • Click on My Sent Notifications to search for additional notifications you sent or received
  • and Create A New Notification

Dismissing A Notification:

You can dismiss a notification by clicking on the Bell icon to show the notification list, and then click the Dismiss button.  This will record you have received the notification and remove it from the notification list.  You can always retrieve your prior notifications by clicking “My Sent Notifications”.  Click the “Dismiss All” button to mark all notifications as read.

Searching For A Notification:

Your Received and Sent notifications are accessed by clicking on the Bell icon next to your name and click “My Sent Notifications”.  You can also access your prior notifications by clicking Features from the Menu -> Email & Paging System -> “View Your Sent Notifications”.

Use the search boxes to locate Notifications that you have sent and / or received.  If you have Admin access, you will be able to search for users receiving a notification.  Non-admin users will only be able to search and view notifications that they created or received.

Note: Notifications can be marked as “Important” to make the notifications stand out.  Notifications that are “Important” will have a small orange flag next to the notification to ensure users see the message.

Click on any notification to view the notification details and also the Read % or Compliance for the message.


Viewing A Notification & Notification Details:

Click on any notification from the search window or the Date/Time column if viewing from the Bell icon next to your name.  This will show the Notification details.


Creating A Notification:

To create a new notification, click on the Bell icon next to your name and then “Create New Notification”.  You can also create a new notification from the Features Menu -> Email / Paging -> “Create New Notification”.

Select the recipients from the search bar and enter your notification message.  If the notification is “Important”, select the Important Flag slider and click “Send Notification”.

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