SMS & Text Notifications

The integrated SMS and Text platform allows you to receive notifications from the schedule to many different methods: Email, Sms, Active 911, & Android App.

The SMS system has two big advantages:

1.) Two Way Communication. When the scheduler sends a notification, you can reply back to the text notification and this will be routed back to the user even if the user is not using the SMS system.

2.) On-Demand commands.  You can send a text to the scheduler at any time and receive several different pieces of information.

  • Text “Help” to see a list of all commands.
  • Text “Schedule” to see your next 5 events (Shifts, Leave, and Classes).
  • Text “Open” to see the next 10 open shifts.
  • Text “Today” to see who is working today.
  • Text “Tomorrow” to see who is working tomorrow.


Configuring SMS

To setup SMS, use the follow steps:





  1. Click on your name in the top right corner to load your profile
  2. Click “Edit Your Profile”
  3. Click “Setup Sms/Text Notifications”
  4. Enter your 10 digit phone number and click “Send Verification Code”
  5. You will receive a 5 digit verification code
  6. Enter this into the box and click “Complete Enrollment”

You will see a welcome message and a list of all available commands



Once you have setup the SMS / Text feature, you may want to remove the Sms To Email feature from your profile to prevent duplication of notifications.  

To receive Education Certificates as an attachment, you must have a valid Email address since these can not be sent via Sms.


SMS Text Notifications And Two Way Commands
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