The scheduler typically has Units/Vehicles that operate on a specific rotation (ABC shift, Pattern, Monday-Friday) etc.  However you may need to routinely schedule Users on different units through out their pattern.  An example would be a Supervisor who rides in a QRV truck 8am to 8pm and then rides EMS1 from 8pm to 8am.

The Shift Template feature allows you to create any pattern and assign users to 1 or more units on any day in this pattern.

First, let’s create a Shift Template.

Click on “Features” -> “System Configuration” -> “Scheduling” tab.




Next, click on “Shift Templates” and then “Create New Shift Template






Enter the name for the Template such as “Day Shift Supervisor”.  Enter the number of days for this pattern.  If the pattern repeats every 3 days (ie ABC) shift, select 3.  If the pattern repeats every 7 or 14 etc days, enter that number.  And finally, enter any Start date or Anchor date of the pattern into the “Template Start Date” field.









Click “Create Shift Template” to create the template and assign users, units to the pattern.

Clicking the “Edit Template Demographics” button will allow you to change the information you just entered (Name, Number Of Days, and Template Start Date [aka anchor date]).

If you want to Copy the entire template to another template and assign different users/units, click “Clone Entire Template”.

To remove the template, click “Delete Shift Template”.


Next, let’s assign users to this template.

Click the “User Groups” tab.

The template will schedule 1 or more user groups.  In our example of QRV Supervisor, we will need to schedule 3 users, one for “A” shift, “B” shift, and “C” shift.  If you are creating a template that only applies to one person, then you will only need 1 user group.  Since our example applies to each supervisor on each shift, we will have 3.

To add or remove User Groups, simply change the “Number of User Groups” drop down.

Next, drag a user from the “All Users” section on the right, into the User Group.

Great, now let’s define the actual pattern of events, units and times that each User Group will operate.

Click on the “Pattern” tab to add events to the Shift Template.

The “Pattern” shows each day of the Shift Template.  In this example, we used 3 days since our pattern will repeat with an A, B, C, shift sequence.  If you selected a 7 day pattern, you will see 7 days, one for each day of the pattern.

Notice that each day shows “Open” since we have not assigned a User Group to work any days in the pattern.

Click the Green Calendar icon next to any day to create an event. (ie “Day #1”)

Enter the fields to create the Event in the Shift Template.  Notice that the “Template Day Number” is selected with the day you selected.  In our example, we will select Day 1 to have User Group #1 work on the QRV from 8am to 8pm.  In a moment, we will create another event to have the Supervisor work on EMS1 in the evening.  Once you have entered all information, click “Add Position To Template”.

Let’s re-cap.  This pattern is a 3 day long pattern.  On the first day of the pattern, User Group #1 will work on QRV Day Shift for 8am to 8pm (12 hours).  The Pattern will start on the date we selected as the “Pattern Start Date” or “Anchor Date”.  So every 3 days, the scheduler will repeat this pattern and create an event for each user in User Group #1 on the schedule.  Notice that User Group #1 is indicated by “G#1”.


Next, we will assign User Group #1 to work on EMS1 in the evening.

Click the Green Calendar icon next to any day to create the evening event. (ie “Day #1”)

Repeat the steps above and select EMS1 with start time of 8pm to 8am.

Notice that we have two events listed on day #1.  One for the First Half and one for Second half, both using User Group #1.

We need to do the same steps for Day #2, but Day #2 will use the User Group #2 (ie B Shift) and Day #3 will use User Group #3 (C Shift).

Click the “Clone Template Day” button to duplicate the Day and all Events (User/Unit/Times).  This button is located next to the “Quick Add” button on the “Pattern” tab.

Since we have created Day #1, we will “Clone” Day #1 onto Day #2 and Day #3.

Notice that the “Clone” copied “Day #1” onto Day #2 and Day #3 exactly.  We will edit each event in Day #2 and change the User Group to User Group #2.  We will edit each event on Day #3 to use User Group #3.

Click the Pencil icon on Both events on Day #2.  Change the User Group to User Group #2.

Repeat for the Evening shift on Day #2 and for both events on Day #3.

Let’s recap.  On Day #1 of the Pattern, User Group #1 (ie A Shift) will be scheduled.  Day #2 will use User Group #2 (ie B Shift) and Day #3 will use User Group #3 (ie C Shift).

Let’s see what the Pattern looks like over a full pay period or a full month.

Click the “Preview” tab to review and finalize the pattern.


Other Features:

Drag And Drop Editing of Pattern:

If you want to move an event in the pattern to another day, you can drag and drop the event to another day.  From the “Pattern” tab, click on any event and drag it to another day.

Quick Add:

Click the “Quick Add” button to add an event to Multiple Days.


If you have any questions regarding how to setup your patterns, feel free to use the Live Chat feature or give us a call anytime.




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