Latest Updates

Have a great idea? We want to know.  The BGS platform is not a static product.  The platform has grown with requests from agencies just like yours.  Most feature requests are completed with out any cost to you.  This business model pushes the system to grow and make a better product for all customers.


Here are a few of the latest changes and upgrades to the scheduler:

June 2018

  • Location Database – You have over 60K+ locations pre-loaded including Airports, Heliports, Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Fire Departments and more.  Each location includes mapping, addresses, phone numbers, door+gate codes.  Quickly send the information to a user or crew scheduled.  Also show the distance and heading between your units and the destination real time!
  • Main Calendar – You can Invert the Main calendar colors to improve the calendar readability.
  • Rebuild User Events – This feature will allow you to quickly re-build a user’s events when the user is moving to a new unit or a new shift and the calendar has already been build.  This is also useful when you add a new user mid-month and want to create events for the user now.  From the Edit User Page, click the slider to ‘Rebuild’ events and click Save.  The Rebuild Events page will show and allow you to decide the Start Date of the changes, which events to keep vs convert to open events, and the new events to be created.
  • Reports – Added active staff report by Skill Level and by User Role.
  • Equipment – A new tab has been added to show all Truck Check forms that the Equipment was referenced on (ie Mileage)
  • Custom Forms – You can now create Custom Forms online using the Drag and Drop editor.  Forms have a Workflow to allow only the correct users to Fill Out the form and who can Approve the form.

May 2018

  • Public Classes – You can designate classes as Public to allow Non-BGSolutions users to sign up for the class up to a max of x users.  The public classes have a special Calendar & Link that only people who have the link can view the classes.  You can also embed the Public calendar on your Website to maximize your instructors time and increase outreach / marketing. Read More: Public Classes
  • Email / Notifications – The two way SMS/Text feature is now up and running.  You can send commands to the SMS phone number to get your schedule, see open shifts, and more.  Setup by clicking the SMS Enroll button in your profile. Read More: SMS Text Setup
  • Education Automatic Sync – The Continuum, National Registry of EMTs, NC Board of Nursing, and NC Respiratory Care Board syncs are all active.  The Education module will Automatically sync your user’s credentials and place the information in the Education Verification queue.  Read More: Education Sync
  • Education – Fire Department Training – Added a Training section to allow users to self document their training and Education hours.  Each user role has yearly quotas that will track the users’s hours and record progress towards their Education hours goals (Company, Driver Facilities, etc) Read More: Training Module
  • Notification System – Added the notification bell & compliance section to allow you to send notifications to users that do not email/text users.  Used for non-critical communications when the user logs in to the scheduler.  Records when users open the message to ensure compliance. Read More: Notifications
  • Memos Section – Post new Memos and Documents on the dashboard for users to review.  Useful for policy changes and important documents.  Read More: Dashboard Memos
  • Schedule – Mobile improvements to schedule editor.  Time Off Request categories can be marked as Admin only to prevent users from selecting these types
  • Shift Swaps – Added second Supervisor approval and ability to ‘Give Away’ a shift
  • Education – Skills – Admins can now Mass Add Skills to a group of users – ie Skills Checkoff day
  • Education – Class Roster – Added User Time In/Out and improved printing

April 2018

  • Home Page Dashboard Graphs – Automatic graphs of your Available Users, Swaps, Time off and Open Shifts (Config->Schedule -> Schedule Functions -> Calculations)
  • Date Pickers – The popup date selectors you see everywhere can be color coded by Shift for 24/48 and 24/72 systems. Makes selecting an A,B,C shift date very easy. Highly recommend enabling. (Config -> Colors -> Colorize Popup Calendar slider in top right corner)
  • Assigning Supervisors – Supervisors can now be assigned from the user profile page
  • Equipment – Added admin person designated to receive notifications for equipment by the type of equipment (ie Uniforms -> John, Ambulances -> Tom)
  • Equipment – Service Requests can now attach uploads (ie Picture of dent in ambulance or defective equipment) and added Labor Hours and Labor Costs
  • Scheduler – Can now assign multiple people to the same unit and set that EMS 1 needs 3 personnel each day. Previously you had to have a separate position for each user. Great for larger programs. (Config -> Units -> Units Edit -> Require Minimum Number Of Users
  • Scheduler – Shift Templates – Shift Templates allows you to create a pattern and assign 1 or more users to the pattern. Allows you to assign a user to EMS1 x 24 today, and tomorrow EMS3, then EMS4 1st half/EMS5 2nd half etc. Any pattern/unit/hours can be created (Shift Templates)
  • Scheduler – Event colors have been replaced with Event Flags. Mark events as Extra Overtime, Mandatory Overtime, or any custom flags you like
  • Scheduler – When you Right Click on Event and select Free Text Page, shift information added to message body
  • Scheduler – Move/Assign Staff To ABCD Shift Units – Added a drag and drop method to move users between units. Rather than edit each users profile to move personnel for the next month, use this feature to change users around quickly. Calendar Admin Menu -> Move/Assign Staff
  • Scheduler Editor – Fixed issue of page Jumping when you first visit page
  • Units – Quick Add feature to assign users to a unit from the Unit config page
  • Education Certificates – Added System Logo image and Instructors to certificates
  • Truck Check Offs – Added a default number/value for each field when a user creates a new form. Speeds up the truck check process by setting the default par level


  • Education – Added License Number and License Details fields to the License Verification Page – March 2018
  • Education – Added reason for Denial when Skill, License, Class or Advanced Certification is Denied. Users will receive Email when Approved or Denied – March 2018
  • Education – Educators can add additional documents to a Users Skill, License, Class or Advanced Certification and can easily update all fields from Verification Page. – March 2018
  • Education – Users can attach documents with any Skill created – March 2018
  • Education – If you have the Verification Permission for Classes & Complete the class/roster, then the Class is Verified Automatically – March 2018
  • Users – Added Profile Emergency Contacts / Next Of Kin – March 2018
  • Shift Bids/Openings – Users can now request a specific Open shift From Open Shifts Menu. Shows on Schedule Editor Next To Shift – March 2018
  • Truck Check Off is Now Linked To Mileage field so Truck Check can advance Mileage field for Equipment – March 2018
  • Truck Check Off can require 1 or 2 signatures – useful for Drug Hand Off at shift change – March 2018
  • Schedule Editor – You can have Different Views (IE Day Shift, Night Shift, or Captains, Battalions, etc). Create these in System Config -> Schedule Views/Divisions – March 2018
  • Time Cards – Added buttons to Navigate Backwards/Forwards pay periods to ease verification – March 2018
  • Truck Check Offs have a Select All & Select None button to speed up the fill out process – Feb 2018
  • Truck Check Offs can now email only the question comments and send to user or the logistics officers – Feb 2018
  • Truck Check Offs will show the Equipment that is linked to the Unit/Vehicle user is performing truck check on – Feb 2018
  • Resource Section now has a compliance view that shows which users have or have not viewed the resource – Feb 2018
  •  Clock In/Out now supports QR Code barcodes
  • Equipment can be assigned to users and users can accept that they received the Equipment – Feb 2018
  • Education – Users will receive an email when a License, Class or Skill has been approved or denied – Feb 2018
  • Login Message (Inclimate Weather/Policy Changes/Meeting reminders) – January 2018
  • User Policies and Terms of Service Updated – January 2018
  • Live Support Chat with BGS – January 2018
  • User Profile Images and System Logos – January 2018
  • Inventory Max Par Level added – January 2018
  • Ability to resend completed Truck Check forms and route to another user – January 2018
  • Customize your Home Page Quick Links – January 2018
  • Added Support for NetCloud GPS senders – December 2017
  • Automatic Reports Delivered To Your Inbox – December 2017
  • Automatic Shift Reminders – Staff can be emailed to remind them of upcoming shift – December 2017
  • Equipment Tracking – December 2017
  • Spell Check feature – November 2017
  • Daily Log – Users can self document their activities through out the day – November 2017
  • Resources Section with document tree, notes and custom security – November 2017
  • Vehicle Tracking senders for Android, iOS, and Windows PCs – November 2017
  • Vehicle Tracking – October 2017
  • Crew Self-Scheduling – October 2017
  • Support Center to track issues / safety concerns – September 2017
  • Ability to import Truck Check off Forms from XLS files – September 2017
  • Integration with Paylocity HR/County Finance System – September 2017
  • Integration With Executime HR/County Finance System – September 2017
  • Skills can now be ‘Pushed’ to the end of a monthly period (ie Each Quarter) – August 2017
  • Truck Check Off forms – August 2017
  • Custom categories to Supervisor’s Daily Log – July 2017
  • Inventory System Added – July 2017
  • Integration With eSuites HR/County Finance System
  • Integration With Munis HR/County Finance System
  • Integration With Sunguard HR/County Finance System
  • User’s partner shown on Main Menu
  • Active 911 Integration
  • BGS Messenger App Notifications
  • Shift Bids / Open Shifts
  • Ability to link profiles from several agencies / schedulers

Features Included:


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