Latest Updates

Have a great idea? We want to know.  The iOps360 platform is not a static product.  The platform has grown with requests from agencies just like yours.  Most feature requests are completed with out any cost to you.  This business model pushes the system to grow and make a better product for all customers.

Here are a few of the latest changes and upgrades to the platform:

May 2019

  • Conference Call Number – You can now display your internal Conference Call Number on the Dashboard. If you do not have an internal Conference Call Number, check out – Great service and really is free.\
  • Education Skills – Added the Ability to push a Skill expiration to the End Of The Year, End Of The Quarter, or a Normal Expiration date.
    Education Documents – Improved user document viewing where some files would show zoomed in and require scrolling. Now all file types will auto scale.
  • Education Reports – Added report of License/Adv Certs with out a supporting image/document upload. Included filters by License Type/Verified Status/Active etc.
  • Equipment – When a new Service Record for a piece of Equipment is created, it can notify a person working on a specific unit (ie Supervisor Truck). See Setup -> Equipment Types to configure.
  • Profile Images – Ability to rotate User Profile Image on upload. Improved speed of loading images, especially on User Search Page
  • Schedule Month View – Added System Config option to set the Week Start Date (ie Monday instead of Sunday)
    Scheduling – Ability to start the Work Week on any day of the week (Month Calendar, Popup Date Pickers, etc)
  • SMS/Text Server – Changed carrier to Verizon to improve delivery. Unfortunately, this hardware upgrade can only send 160 characters. iOps360 will send up to a maximum of two text messages to deliver your messages via text. Users are encourage to use the iOps360 app or use Email as their communication method if longer messages are necessary to ensure complete delivery. We apologize for the inconvenience with this.
  • Work Orders – Added automatic email reminders to each category. When a Work Order remains in New status and/or Not Completed, a automatic email can be sent to the people involved in the Work Order to remind them. You can pick the number of Hours/Days/Months etc for each reminder.
  • Users – We added Automatic Leave Accruals based on years of service. Now we have added the option to manually override the Automatic Accrual for a specific user if they fall outside of the normal Years Of Service Accrual Rates (ie Transfers with in the division)
  • Truck Check / Inventory / Work Order Link – We are nearing completion this new system that will allow the Truck Check Off to create Work Orders (if needed) and deduct directly from the Inventory. We will have lots more information coming on this shortly.

April 2019

  • Work Orders / Support Center – The Support Center has now become the Work Order section and had a complete re-design. We have expanded the Categories, Features, Layout to allow you to track internal issues and tasks easier. We are currently integrating the Truck Check Offs with the Work Orders to create logistic / inventory requests system and deduct items from your inventory automatically. Check out the new Work Order and listen out for the Truck Check Inventory connector.
  • Education – Updated the Education Files/Attachment section to include a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation and Word Document Viewers for web browsers that were unable to open Microsoft Office files. Some browsers would download the files rather than open if the computer did not have the necessary viewers.
  • Shift Hours Change Request – We have added a comment block that admin can respond to users and include with user notifications when approving.
  • Active911 – Worked with Active911 to improve their Push notification speed. We were seeing delays of 3-10 minutes on the initial alerts and have reduced this to mili-seconds now. We have added Popups when a new alert occurs including Responses, Mapping, and Out The Door timers.
  • Education – ConEd – Ability to Quickly copy a prior Con-Ed (including Files, Quizzes, and Contributors) for use year after year.
    Recurring Emails/Paging – We have expanded the recurring emails section to allow more custom control of recurring emails. We also added additional filters to All Staff, Part Time, Volunteer, Full Time, Users Working Today, and more.
  • Leave Requests – Added the ability to create Leave Request for any user from the Edit Today’s schedule. Revised the Approval page to have an improved tab layout and includes users leave balances on the approval page.
  • Edit Today’s Schedule – Added user’s current leave balances in the User Information Box in the lower right corner.
  • Open Shifts – User Pickup page – Improved searching to show Un-Available on Open Events while user is already working.
  • Open Shifts – If user requests to work one open position and is given to another user, yet there is a second open position during that same date/time/unit, the user’s request will be automatically migrated to the other open position.
  • Training – Added Dates to Training Search, Approval Page added Hours and User Notes.

March 2019

  • iOps Mobile App – Users can have multiple devices on their iOps360 account (ie Cell phone app, and Tablet apps), Direct Login, Multiple Agency Support, Send Mass Emails/Pages from App, Can clock in based on IP Address or GPS
  • Schedule – Leave – Ability to Modify the Leave with One Click instead of having to Reset To Pending and then Modify Hours. Admin can now also Delete a Leave Request if needed from the Approval Page
  • Month Calendar – Added ability to scroll with in the Month Calendar for mobile devices. Filter added to include Classes being offered. Added System Setting to include the events from the prior month that are rolling into the current month. IE February starts on Friday so this will allow you to show the last few days of January instead of just blank days Sunday-Thursday
  • User Permissions – Added a new permission called “Exclude From Mass Emails” to be used in conjunction with Automatic Reports being sent to 911/Comm centers and these profiles should not receive general mass emails (ie for coverage or Open event bids)
  • Skills – Can now Require users to include a document with the new skill creation.
  • Time Card Holidays – Recommendations added on the Time Card Holiday page to include Most Federal Holidays. Click to Quick Add each holiday to your time card rules as needed.
  • Education Quizzes – Improved Question Save/Update workflow, including longer question lengths.
  • Memos on Home Page – Can now be Required for all users to Read/Open. Added Compliance tracking on Memo view page also. Color coded Memo Flag to indicate Required, Read, and Not Read Yet.
  • Class Search – Added filters for Internal vs Public Classes and includes the Public Users signed up in the results table
  • Inventory – Ability to Mass Add Supplier Bar Codes / Part Numbers / Qty Per Order / Price Per Order from the Inventory Menu -> Mass Add Supplier Part Numbers
  • Integrations – Added Importer For Munis v11.3.15 to sync Leave Balances with Munis
  • Status Board – Each Status Board login can have different zones (ie Admin Status Board can be different than the Station 1 Status board). Working with Active911 to improve their speed that they send out push notifications. We are being delayed several minutes before being alerted.

February 2019

  • Forms – Added Editing for Admins/Level 1 ++ after a form has been completed. Ability to search inside the forms for a User Referenced
  • Mass Add Leave Requests – Can put a user on leave over a date range for all shifts they are working
  • Inventory – Location Priority Added to allow you to ensure stock is rotated to the Highest Priority (Front Line) locations from the Middle and Lower priority locations
  • Reports – Add Report Of Supervisors and Direct Reports (All Users)
    Swaps – Added icon on Main Calendar to indicate swaps and also added Note on each event for Shift-For-Shift trades to include the Leave Identifier/Names
  • Users Details – Emergency Contact Information added to user View Page (Only that user and Admin can view)
  • Active911 Integration – Active911 Integration is up and running. Allows you to see your calls on the Status Boards and call history inside of iOps360. We are collecting data to build the Analytic Portal in the near future and call volume prediction using artificial intelligence. Learn More at
  • Status Board – Added Support for Active 911 to show real time calls and popup when a new call arrives with user/vehicle responses. Currently supports any PC/Mac running the status boards and we evaluating FireTV vs ChromeBit as a stand alone solution.
  • Email & Paging – Ability to page by Volunteer status (also added to Time Cards/ Mass Add Skills/ etc)
  • Email & Paging – When changing user selector (All users, All FT, PT, etc) we no longer select all users to help with Mobile / iOS devices.
  • Education – National Registry Sync has added a captcha to prevent Database from syncing like we do. Feature is now permanently offline.
  • Schedule – Month View – Add Filter for specifically Leave Events.
  • iOps360 App – Updating app to handle users in multiple agencies, ability to email/page via app, and automatic login to the website from the app.

January 2019

  • Education Reports – Added additional filters on many reports (User Roles, FT/PT Status etc) to help you limit your results and find what you need quick
  • Education – Added Date Off Orientation field in the user’s profile along with a Report called “Education – Orientation Evaluation Dates” to calculate the 30, 60, 90, 180, 365 evaluation dates
  • Education Stoplight – Dramatically improved the users stoplight calculation performance
  • Education – Automatic 30 day reminder to users before a Class or License expires
  • Schedule – Recurring Events can be added to the calendar by Day of Month, Day Of Pay Period, and Every x Number Of Day
  • Schedule – When Drag and Drop Available onto Open Position, will auto re-size the Open Position to what the Available User is not covering (ie 1st Half/2nd Half) so that you don’t have to edit the Open Position remaining
  • National Weather Service Warnings – iOps360 can display the National Weather Service warnings for your area. This will help keep staff informed and safe during severe weather events. Learn More At:
  • Reports – Added a Years Of Service Report
  • Reports – Added Hire Date and Date off Orientation Report
  • Reports – Automatic Report of My Staff – First Education Item Expiring – Can be scheduled to deliver to you at any time / any day
  • Status Board – Added Zone for Users NOT Clocked In Yet For Shift (Auto refresh q2 Minutes)
  • Skills – Improved ability for users to see skills performed and documents. Also added the ability to add skill documents after skill is created by the user.
  • Swaps – On Admin Approval, Swaps can be marked as ‘User Cancelled’ instead of Denied when users no longer need the swap request
  • Users – Automatic update to users Holiday, Vacation, and Sick Hours To Add each month/pay period based on Years Of Service
  • Users – Added ‘PRN / Volunteer’ to User Status Types instead of only Full Time and Part Time
  • Users Table – Added Date Off Orientation

December 2018

  • Education – Monthly Con-Ed can now enforce the Required Completion which will prevent users from doing anything inside iOps until Con-Ed is completed (Excluding Time Stamps). Great for new policies and procedures
  • Schedule – Added the ability to set the sort order of all units by Drag and Drop. You can organize the events any way you like instead of by Base/Station/Unit/Vehicle through System Config -> Units -> “Unit/Vehicles Ordering”
  • Employee Actions Section – Create and document Employee events including Late Calls No-Call-No-Shows, Kudos, Teammate Awards and any other categories you like. Very useful during employee evaluation time.
  • Education – Other Education – Many performance and mobile improvements to the Other Education section.
  • Munis – New World integration – If you are using Munis we can create data files to transfer Time Stamps directly into Munis now. No more data entry!
  • Recurring Emails – Added filter to send to only users working today including Days / Nights etc
  • Education – Classes – Ability to ‘Push’ a class expiration date to the end of the Year – If user takes a class anytime in that year, it will count for the entire year.
  • Forms – Ability to Send a copy of the Form to a user/External address (ie A Uniform Form can be emailed directly to the Uniform Vendor once the form is approved). For an External Address, create a user with the email address of the company and enable Email Form to this account.
  • Reports – Inventory Costs by Supplier – Can send to Supplier for Quick Updates

November 2018

  • Main Calendar – Ability to filter main calendar by User Role
  • User List Page – Ability to filter Users List by User Role or Skill Level
  • Email & Paging – Ability To Email/Page By User Role
  • Schedule – Availability – When an Available user is utilized for Part of their availability, iOps can create a second Availability record for the remainder of the event (ie Put user on EMS1 for 1st half, and still show available for second half). System Config -> Scheduling -> Scheduling Functions -> Availability Tab
  • Education – Con-Ed added option for ‘In-Class Completions’ so that Admins can complete Con-Ed for a user. Would be used when staff are present at a meeting and non-present staff could be assigned the Con-Ed to be done at home/work.
  • Education – Restructured the Education page for improved readability and mobile compatibility
  • Education – Can now be assigned to specific users and also by User Role
  • Education – Monthly Con-Ed can now enforce the Required Completion which will prevent users from doing anything inside iOps until Con-Ed is completed (Excluding Time Stamps). Great for new policies and procedures.
  • Truck Check Offs – Added new feature called Special Reports. If user enters a value of x then generate an email to inform admin. Ie Stretcher is operational – User enters No, then send email notification. Added Quick Navigation Buttons to move a category up and down, duplicate categories
  • Time Line Schedule Editor – Improved Coverage Check gap creation & Required Units Checks
  • Status Board – Can add a public google calendar to the status board like Upcoming Community Events / PR Events etc. Will show the next upcoming 10 events. See Status Board Config
  • Shift Swaps – Checks added to ensure user covering swap is not already scheduled to work on Create Swap Page, User 2 Accept Swap Page, and Admin Approval Pages.
  • Resources – Many Performance improvements and mobile compatibility updates
  • iOps – Improved Equipment importer so we can auto create/import your Equipment for you. Don’t enter hundreds of assets, we can do it for you.

October 2018

  • Status Board – We now have a new Status Board that can be displayed out in Stations/Education room. This will show a real time view of your organization including schedule information, upcoming education, monthly education, Birthdays and Anniversaries, Supervisor’s Pass Down and much more.
  • Time Stamps – Created Exception Notifications – Will alert you when user clocks In/Out Early/Late with configurable thresholds. (Config -> Time Clock -> Exception Notifications) & Require Reason for Class/None. Also can require reason if > x minutes early or late.
  • Truck Checks – Any iOps staff member can quickly Duplicate you Truck Check Off Forms so you can create customized versions for each unit.
  • Schedule Editor TimeLine – Have a new Schedule Editing Option called the “Time Line”. Designed to be a Simple drag and drop editor to quickly assign Part Time Staff looking at a full 24 hour period. This can be enabled through System Config -> Scheduling -> Scheduler Functions -> Permissions -> Enable Time Line
  • Shift Requests Admin Approve – Improved Mobile Compatibility, Added Second Person to be notified and Tabs to see all other Requests on this date.
  • Availability – Added Time Sliders on Availability to quickly customize available times.
  • Main Calendar – On the view event details, added links to Edit Today’s Schedule and Edit Time Line for quicker editing.
  • Equipment – Added Fields for Engine Hours and Pump Hours. Now you can track Inspections that are based on Mileage, Engine Hours, and/or Pump Hours.
  • Truck Check -> Linked Engine Hours and Pump Hours back to Equipment pages so Truck Checks will update these fields. Currently working on a link to the Inventory so that staff can update/remove from Inventory via the Truck Check Off page.
  • Email & Paging – Ability to Email/Page by Skill Level.
  • Time Off Requests – Search filters (User, Date and Time Off Type). You filter settings will cache so you do not have to re-select each time.
  • Open Shift Pickup – Users can now add notes (ie I can work this but will be a few minutes late).
  • Users – Added Termination Date to User Profile when making user Inactive.
  • Education – Linked Monthly Con-Ed Hours to the Training Sections – Monthly con-ed hours will include in the Training Quotas (Fire Departments mostly).
  • Education – Con Ed page Redesigned page for more mobile friendly / improved user experience.
  • Inventory Orders – add field for “Order Notes” varchar(200), “Supplier Contact Name” varchar(50).
  • Various fixes for Safari / iOS

September 2018

  • Security – Admin can set Security Standards for users (Minimum length, Special Characters, Upper Case, Lower Case, Change Frequency, etc)
  • Security – Added Multi-Factor Authentication
  • iOps360 – App New versions for Android and iOS to allow for Mobile Clock In/Out if user is within a designated radius of the base (ie 1/4 mile). This feature is disabled until you allow it. See Config -> Time Clock
  • iOps360 – App Improved Notifications on Android to include User Profile Image when message is received. Added Date Picker on view Today/Tomorrow to quickly change dates. Fixed crashes on some devices on startup.
  • Global – Replaced each table that has the Export to PDF/CSV/XLS to a new HTML5 version to allow export on mobile devices.
  • Inventory – Complete re-vamp of the Inventory to track Expiration dates of items and supplies. Forecasting of Expiration Dates, Performance improvements for mobile devices. Added Barcodes for each item, and ability to print a Bar-code Book of all items and/or selected items. Added support for various label sizes for single-print bar-code printers. Bar-code PDF book can not be printed and placed in units/inventory room
  • Paging/Email – Added a filter on the Sent Message to see messages sent by a specific user
    Automated Reports (ie Daily Lineup)  Performance and Spacing updates to Text Message senders for Automated Reports
  • Schedule – Schedule Event Flags have been added on the Open Events Request page so users can see before signing up
  • Schedule – Recurring Events When you Add/Edit/Delete Recurring events, they will be reflected on the calendar immediately instead of only when the next month is built
  • Education – Classes Ability to send message to all students registered for class in iOps and also generate an email distribution list through your own email program for larger attachments
  • Education – Document Tree Admin can create any document type and upload directly from the Document Tree for any user
  • Education – Other Edu Administration can now add documents for another user in the Other Edu section
  • Equipment – Added support for a second person to receive Equipment Service Requests notifications

August 2018

  • iOps360 – will be disabled 10/1/2018 so update any remaining links to
  • Schedule – Ability to Request Open Shift From Main Calendar
  • Schedule – Ability to Rebuild User’s Events when using a Shift Template (Varying Times on Varying Units)
  • Schedule – Changed Sorting to be Station/Base -> Unit -> Start Time -> Skill Level -> End Time (Sort by Skill Level BEFORE end of shift)
  • Schedule – Added ability to Allow x Minutes of Overlap (ie 15 minutes) in Coverage Check -> Config -> Schedule -> Schedule Functions -> Calculations -> Allow x Minutes Of Event Overlap
  • Time Cards – Added custom user groups to Admin Time Cards
  • Leave – When you un-Approve a leave request, you now have an option to put the user back into a unit/vehicle
  • Inventory Work Order – Ability to delete Inventory Work Order (Remove Items and Complete)
  • Skill Requirement – Quantities can be decimal to handle hours (ie Ride Time Hours)
  • Open events – Users can request to work now with admin approval. We have added a new feature so that Users can be instantly assigned to open events if requirements are met also.
  • Equipment – A new Equipment Attribute of Custom Drop Down has been created (ie Sizes could be created once and have a drop down of Small, Medium, Large for quick Pick)
  • Mobile – iOS and Android apps are Live! (Future plans for Clock In/Out via phone, and inventory)
  • SMS Auto Schedule – Corrected Reply To SMS feature showing no staff on units.
  • Reports – Added Active Users Report with Skill Levels, User Roles, Color Codes etc
  • Conferences – Be sure to visit us at NC Rescue and EMS Conference Sep 6-8th in Hickory & NCAFC Conference in Concord Jan 28-Feb 3rd.

July 2018

  • Supervisor’s Daily Pass Down – Increased size of text blocks and added ability to go down to a new line / add spacing as needed.
  • Notification Quiet Time – This feature will hold any Email/Text/alerts while you sleep and send all notifications once your Quiet Time is over. Each user can set their Quiet Time Hours to ensure a good night’s rest. (User -> View Your Profile -> Edit Your Profile -> Contact Information tab -> Enable Quiet Time)
  • Requirements to work a Unit/Vehicle – Each unit can be configured to ensure minimum requirements are met including Skill Levels, User Color Codes, and Part Time/ Full Time Status.  Use this feature to ensure you have at least one Crew Chief or Captain on a truck or Prevent two Part Time staff from working together etc.  Schedule Rules and Requirement Validation User Role Skill
  • User Profiles – Added user address, city, state, and zip code fields.
  • Review Shift Requests / User Pick Up Open Events – Added a search page for users that have requested to work (pickup) an open event in the Schedule Admin Menu. (Schedule Admin -> Review Shift Requests)
  • Schedule Editor – You can now decide when to Split a Shift instead of the event always being split in two equal halves.
  • Schedule Editor – Added a Time Slider to adjust the Start and End times of any event.
  • Shift Reminders – Classes are now included in the Shift Reminders email.
  • Daily Log – You can now turn On/Off the ability for all Supervisors to see all daily log activities in addition to Sysop and Superusers. (Config -> General -> Daily Log)
  • Menu Bar – You can enable a Menu Bar Orange Warning to quickly alert you that a user has asked you to Swap with them and also for Admin if a Time Off Request, Swaps, etc is needing approval. (Config -> Schedule -> Schedule Functions -> Highlight Admin Menu If Approval Needed).
  • Day Summary View – Added a User Calendar View similar to the Edit Today’s Schedule page but with no editing controls.  Allows users to see more details on each day in the layout that Admins are used to seeing (Config -> Schedule -> Schedule Functions -> Permissions -> Enable “Day Summary” For All Users). Note: This WILL include any Notes/Descriptions on Events and Leave Requests.
  • Truck Check Offs – Added a new feature to Require 2 signatures but only 1 is needed if user signing is a Supervisor.  Allows you to use the same Truck Check Off for all units and the Supervisor QRV will only have to sign once.
  • Schedule Editor – User’s skill level is now included in the Leave & Time Off section.
  • Schedule Editor – Added the ability to turn off the ‘Event From Yesterday’ & ‘Event From Tomorrow’ warnings (Config -> Scheduling -> Scheduler Functions -> Show Warning When Event Spans Into Next Day).
  • Hide Shift Letters – Added ability to reduce the number of places that the A, B, C, D, etc Shift Letter is shown in the scheduler.  This will only be used for Colleges, Nursing Homes, etc.

June 2018

  • Location Database – You have over 60K+ locations pre-loaded including Airports, Heliports, Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Fire Departments and more.  Each location includes mapping, addresses, phone numbers, door+gate codes.  Quickly send the information to a user or crew scheduled.  Also show the distance and heading between your units and the destination real time!
  • Main Calendar – You can Invert the Main calendar colors to improve the calendar readability.
  • Rebuild User Events – This feature will allow you to quickly re-build a user’s events when the user is moving to a new unit or a new shift and the calendar has already been build.  This is also useful when you add a new user mid-month and want to create events for the user now.  From the Edit User Page, click the slider to ‘Rebuild’ events and click Save.  The Rebuild Events page will show and allow you to decide the Start Date of the changes, which events to keep vs convert to open events, and the new events to be created.
  • Reports – Added active staff report by Skill Level and by User Role.
  • Equipment – A new tab has been added to show all Truck Check forms that the Equipment was referenced on (ie Mileage)
  • Custom Forms – You can now create Custom Forms online using the Drag and Drop editor.  Forms have a Workflow to allow only the correct users to Fill Out the form and who can Approve the form.

May 2018

  • Public Classes – You can designate classes as Public to allow Non-BGSolutions users to sign up for the class up to a max of x users.  The public classes have a special Calendar & Link that only people who have the link can view the classes.  You can also embed the Public calendar on your Website to maximize your instructors time and increase outreach / marketing. Read More: Public Classes
  • Email / Notifications – The two way SMS/Text feature is now up and running.  You can send commands to the SMS phone number to get your schedule, see open shifts, and more.  Setup by clicking the SMS Enroll button in your profile. Read More: SMS Text Setup
  • Education Automatic Sync – The Continuum, National Registry of EMTs, NC Board of Nursing, and NC Respiratory Care Board syncs are all active.  The Education module will Automatically sync your user’s credentials and place the information in the Education Verification queue.  Read More: Education Sync
  • Education – Fire Department Training – Added a Training section to allow users to self document their training and Education hours.  Each user role has yearly quotas that will track the users’s hours and record progress towards their Education hours goals (Company, Driver Facilities, etc) Read More: Training Module
  • Notification System – Added the notification bell & compliance section to allow you to send notifications to users that do not email/text users.  Used for non-critical communications when the user logs in to the scheduler.  Records when users open the message to ensure compliance. Read More: Notifications
  • Memos Section – Post new Memos and Documents on the dashboard for users to review.  Useful for policy changes and important documents.  Read More: Dashboard Memos
  • Schedule – Mobile improvements to schedule editor.  Time Off Request categories can be marked as Admin only to prevent users from selecting these types
  • Shift Swaps – Added second Supervisor approval and ability to ‘Give Away’ a shift
  • Education – Skills – Admins can now Mass Add Skills to a group of users – ie Skills Checkoff day
  • Education – Class Roster – Added User Time In/Out and improved printing

April 2018

  • Home Page Dashboard Graphs – Automatic graphs of your Available Users, Swaps, Time off and Open Shifts (Config->Schedule -> Schedule Functions -> Calculations)
  • Date Pickers – The popup date selectors you see everywhere can be color coded by Shift for 24/48 and 24/72 systems. Makes selecting an A,B,C shift date very easy. Highly recommend enabling. (Config -> Colors -> Colorize Popup Calendar slider in top right corner)
  • Assigning Supervisors – Supervisors can now be assigned from the user profile page
  • Equipment – Added admin person designated to receive notifications for equipment by the type of equipment (ie Uniforms -> John, Ambulances -> Tom)
  • Equipment – Service Requests can now attach uploads (ie Picture of dent in ambulance or defective equipment) and added Labor Hours and Labor Costs
  • Scheduler – Can now assign multiple people to the same unit and set that EMS 1 needs 3 personnel each day. Previously you had to have a separate position for each user. Great for larger programs. (Config -> Units -> Units Edit -> Require Minimum Number Of Users
  • Scheduler – Shift Templates – Shift Templates allows you to create a pattern and assign 1 or more users to the pattern. Allows you to assign a user to EMS1 x 24 today, and tomorrow EMS3, then EMS4 1st half/EMS5 2nd half etc. Any pattern/unit/hours can be created (Shift Templates)
  • Scheduler – Event colors have been replaced with Event Flags. Mark events as Extra Overtime, Mandatory Overtime, or any custom flags you like
  • Scheduler – When you Right Click on Event and select Free Text Page, shift information added to message body
  • Scheduler – Move/Assign Staff To ABCD Shift Units – Added a drag and drop method to move users between units. Rather than edit each users profile to move personnel for the next month, use this feature to change users around quickly. Calendar Admin Menu -> Move/Assign Staff
  • Scheduler Editor – Fixed issue of page Jumping when you first visit page
  • Units – Quick Add feature to assign users to a unit from the Unit config page
  • Education Certificates – Added System Logo image and Instructors to certificates
  • Truck Check Offs – Added a default number/value for each field when a user creates a new form. Speeds up the truck check process by setting the default par level


  • Education – Added License Number and License Details fields to the License Verification Page – March 2018
  • Education – Added reason for Denial when Skill, License, Class or Advanced Certification is Denied. Users will receive Email when Approved or Denied – March 2018
  • Education – Educators can add additional documents to a Users Skill, License, Class or Advanced Certification and can easily update all fields from Verification Page. – March 2018
  • Education – Users can attach documents with any Skill created – March 2018
  • Education – If you have the Verification Permission for Classes & Complete the class/roster, then the Class is Verified Automatically – March 2018
  • Users – Added Profile Emergency Contacts / Next Of Kin – March 2018
  • Shift Bids/Openings – Users can now request a specific Open shift From Open Shifts Menu. Shows on Schedule Editor Next To Shift – March 2018
  • Truck Check Off is Now Linked To Mileage field so Truck Check can advance Mileage field for Equipment – March 2018
  • Truck Check Off can require 1 or 2 signatures – useful for Drug Hand Off at shift change – March 2018
  • Schedule Editor – You can have Different Views (IE Day Shift, Night Shift, or Captains, Battalions, etc). Create these in System Config -> Schedule Views/Divisions – March 2018
  • Time Cards – Added buttons to Navigate Backwards/Forwards pay periods to ease verification – March 2018
  • Truck Check Offs have a Select All & Select None button to speed up the fill out process – Feb 2018
  • Truck Check Offs can now email only the question comments and send to user or the logistics officers – Feb 2018
  • Truck Check Offs will show the Equipment that is linked to the Unit/Vehicle user is performing truck check on – Feb 2018
  • Resource Section now has a compliance view that shows which users have or have not viewed the resource – Feb 2018
  •  Clock In/Out now supports QR Code barcodes
  • Equipment can be assigned to users and users can accept that they received the Equipment – Feb 2018
  • Education – Users will receive an email when a License, Class or Skill has been approved or denied – Feb 2018
  • Login Message (Inclimate Weather/Policy Changes/Meeting reminders) – January 2018
  • User Policies and Terms of Service Updated – January 2018
  • Live Support Chat with BGS – January 2018
  • User Profile Images and System Logos – January 2018
  • Inventory Max Par Level added – January 2018
  • Ability to resend completed Truck Check forms and route to another user – January 2018
  • Customize your Home Page Quick Links – January 2018
  • Added Support for NetCloud GPS senders – December 2017
  • Automatic Reports Delivered To Your Inbox – December 2017
  • Automatic Shift Reminders – Staff can be emailed to remind them of upcoming shift – December 2017
  • Equipment Tracking – December 2017
  • Spell Check feature – November 2017
  • Daily Log – Users can self document their activities through out the day – November 2017
  • Resources Section with document tree, notes and custom security – November 2017
  • Vehicle Tracking senders for Android, iOS, and Windows PCs – November 2017
  • Vehicle Tracking – October 2017
  • Crew Self-Scheduling – October 2017
  • Support Center to track issues / safety concerns – September 2017
  • Ability to import Truck Check off Forms from XLS files – September 2017
  • Integration with Paylocity HR/County Finance System – September 2017
  • Integration With Executime HR/County Finance System – September 2017
  • Skills can now be ‘Pushed’ to the end of a monthly period (ie Each Quarter) – August 2017
  • Truck Check Off forms – August 2017
  • Custom categories to Supervisor’s Daily Log – July 2017
  • Inventory System Added – July 2017
  • Integration With eSuites HR/County Finance System
  • Integration With Munis HR/County Finance System
  • Integration With Sunguard HR/County Finance System
  • User’s partner shown on Main Menu
  • Active 911 Integration
  • BGS Messenger App Notifications
  • Shift Bids / Open Shifts
  • Ability to link profiles from several agencies / schedulers

Features Included:

If you have any questions, be sure to review the help guides below