Linked Profiles – Quickly swap between services

If you have accounts with multiple agencies using iOps360, you can quickly swap between agencies using the Linked Profiles feature in the “Users” menu.

You have a unique profile on each iOps360 service.  Since you may work for multiple agencies, you can quickly log out of one service and into another just by clicking “Your Linked Profiles” and selecting the agency.

Setup you Linked Profiles

  1. Log in to iOps360
  2. Click on “Users” menu -> “Your Linked Profiles
  3. Click on the link “Link Additional Profiles Together
  4. Enter your Login and Password in the box and click “Sign In
  5. Now your profiles are successfully linked

Changing Between Linked Schedule Profiles

  1. Click on “Users” menu -> “Your Linked Profiles
  2. Click on the Agency name from the left
  3. Click “Sign In


If you have any trouble with the Linked Profiles, be sure to check that your account is Active and in good standing on the second service.  Also, the other agency must be active with iOps360.

Password Changes

You are required to change your password periodically with iOps360.  To help you with managing your passwords, when you have Linked Profiles setup and change your password, Both accounts will be changed at the same time.  This will reduce the number of unique passwords needed and ensure that you don’t have to change passwords multiple times.

Linked Profiles