SMS Text Notifications And Two Way Commands

SMS & Text Notifications

The integrated SMS and Text platform allows you to receive notifications from the schedule to many different methods: Email, Sms, Active 911, & Android App.

The SMS system has two big advantages:

1.) Two Way Communication. When the scheduler sends a notification, you can reply back to the text notification and this will be routed back to the user even if the user is not using the SMS system.

2.) On-Demand commands.  You can send a text to the scheduler at any time and receive several different pieces of information.

  • Text “Help” to see a list of all commands.
  • Text “Schedule” to see your next 5 events (Shifts, Leave, and Classes).
  • Text “Open” to see the next 10 open shifts.
  • Text “Today” to see who is working today.
  • Text “Tomorrow” to see who is working tomorrow.


Configuring SMS

To setup SMS, use the follow steps:





  1. Click on your name in the top right corner to load your profile
  2. Click “Edit Your Profile”
  3. Click “Setup Sms/Text Notifications”
  4. Enter your 10 digit phone number and click “Send Verification Code”
  5. You will receive a 5 digit verification code
  6. Enter this into the box and click “Complete Enrollment”

You will see a welcome message and a list of all available commands



Once you have setup the SMS / Text feature, you may want to remove the Sms To Email feature from your profile to prevent duplication of notifications.  

To receive Education Certificates as an attachment, you must have a valid Email address since these can not be sent via Sms.


Schedule Notifications

Scheduler Notifications

Scheduler Notifications provides you with a way to send non-essential notifications to users when the login to the scheduler.  This system does not send any immediate notifications to users as the Email and Paging system does.   Great uses for the notification system includes reminders to submit time cards, upcoming meetings and new policies and procedures rolled out.


If you are looking for Email, Paging, SMS/Text, and Mobile App communications, click here.




  • Inform staff of Non-Essential communications with out emailing or paging staff
  • Records compliance of when users open the notifications to ensure all staff are informed
  • Searching of prior notifications you Sent or Received

Viewing your notifications:

If you have any Non-Viewed notifications, you will see a Number next to the Bell icon.  Click on the bell icon from any page to view and mark the notifications as received.  If no number is present, you can still view prior notifications and create a new notification.

From the view notification popup, you can

  • Dismiss the Notification using the Dismiss button and Dismiss all messages at once
  • Click on the Date/Time sent to view additional details on this message
  • Click on My Sent Notifications to search for additional notifications you sent or received
  • and Create A New Notification

Dismissing A Notification:

You can dismiss a notification by clicking on the Bell icon to show the notification list, and then click the Dismiss button.  This will record you have received the notification and remove it from the notification list.  You can always retrieve your prior notifications by clicking “My Sent Notifications”.  Click the “Dismiss All” button to mark all notifications as read.

Searching For A Notification:

Your Received and Sent notifications are accessed by clicking on the Bell icon next to your name and click “My Sent Notifications”.  You can also access your prior notifications by clicking Features from the Menu -> Email & Paging System -> “View Your Sent Notifications”.

Use the search boxes to locate Notifications that you have sent and / or received.  If you have Admin access, you will be able to search for users receiving a notification.  Non-admin users will only be able to search and view notifications that they created or received.

Note: Notifications can be marked as “Important” to make the notifications stand out.  Notifications that are “Important” will have a small orange flag next to the notification to ensure users see the message.

Click on any notification to view the notification details and also the Read % or Compliance for the message.


Viewing A Notification & Notification Details:

Click on any notification from the search window or the Date/Time column if viewing from the Bell icon next to your name.  This will show the Notification details.


Creating A Notification:

To create a new notification, click on the Bell icon next to your name and then “Create New Notification”.  You can also create a new notification from the Features Menu -> Email / Paging -> “Create New Notification”.

Select the recipients from the search bar and enter your notification message.  If the notification is “Important”, select the Important Flag slider and click “Send Notification”.

Automatic Shift Reminders

Did you know? – Shift Reminders

The Emergency Services Scheduler can send you a Shift Reminder prior to your shift.  You pick how many hours you want the reminder to occur and the scheduler will send you a email just so you don’t forget.

To Setup Up The Shift Reminder:

  1. Log into the scheduler Login
  2. Click on your name in the top Right corner
  3. Click on “Subscriptions” tab
  4. In the “Subscribe To Shift Reminders” click “Change
  5. Enter the number of hours you want in advance to receive the reminder
  6. Click “Update Shift Reminder


Active 911 Integration

The Scheduler integrates with Active 911 to provide an additional method to notify users or information.


Configuration Of Active 911 System Email Address:

1.) Your agency has an Active 911 Email address that you will need.  Login to Active 911 and obtain your Agency Email Address.

2.) Click on “Features” -> “System Configuration” -> “Active 911 Configuration“.

3.) Click on “Active 911 System Email Address” and paste you Active 911 Agency Email Address and click “Update“.  The format will be “”.



Configuration Of Active 911 Groups:

Active 911 uses “Groups” that you can configure the users of each group.  Click on the “Groups” tab in Active 911 and notice the TWO LETTER code next to each group you have created.  The Scheduler will use these Group Codes to send notifications to your staff.

1.) Click on “Features” -> “System Configuration” -> “Active 911 Configuration“.

2.) Click on “Active 911 Groups“.

3.) Click on “Create New Active 911 Group“.

4.) Enter the “Group Code“.

5.) NOTE:  If you leave the Group Code blank, all users from Active 911 will be included.

6.) Enter the “Group Name“.  This does not have to match the group name in Active 911 but it most likely should for consistency.

7.) Click “Create Active 911 Group“.


Usage Of Active 911 System:

1.) Click on “Features” -> “Email / Paging System“.

2.) Click on “Compose A New Message“.

3.) Select “Filter Recipient List By” -> “Active 911 Groups“.

4.) Select the Group name from the “Available Recipients“.

5.) Click “Add (1) Selected User“.

6.) Finish composing your message and click “Send“.


Additional Resources:

Shift Bids / Open Shifts

Shift Bids are a way to find coverage for an open scheduled event.  Rather than supervisors emailing users and being bombarded with multiple calls, texts, and emails in response, the Shift Bids allow you to reply quickly and efficiently.


Supervisors can create a Shift Bid using either “Immediate” option or “One At A Time“.  This is very important to you so that you know how quickly you need to respond.

  • Immediate” shift bid means the notification has gone out to many users at once.  The sooner you can respond to the bid via the scheduler bid menu, the better.
  • One At A Time” shift bid gives each user in a sequence ample time to respond.  If you do not respond to the bid, the next user in the list is notified.  Even after sequence has moved on to the next user, you can still respond.

Shift bid notifications will contain this information in addition to the date, times, location.


Once one or more responses are received, the supervisor will close the bid.  When the bid is closed, users will be notified that responded to the bid.  If you are awarded the event, you will receive a notification with the event details and also the event will sync to your Google Calendar.  If you did not win the bid, you will also receive a notification informing you.

BGS Messenger App (Android)

The “BGS Messenger” app for Android serves to provide users with a push notification when a notification occurs in the scheduler.  Any message sent from the scheduler will automatically be sent to any user with a registered device.



  • Any email message from the scheduler will automatically be sent to your device.
  • Ability to set your own notification sound when a message is received.
  • Retains history of messages received.


To Install The App:

  1. Search for “BGS Messenger” in the Google Play app store or click here.
  2. Once the app is installed, you will be directed to the login page for BGS.
  3. Enter your BGS credentials and click “Login“.
  4. All messages sent from the scheduler (excluding attachments) will be sent to the app and also your email.


Future Plans:

Stay tuned for updates to the app.  A few ideas include your upcoming events and ability to respond to Open Shift Bid requests.  The ability to turn off email notifications will be added also so that messages are not duplicated.

SMS Text Pager Gateways

To have an email go to your phone as a text message, use your 10-digit-phone-number and the domain listed below:


List of common SMS provider gateways:

Airfire Mobile
Alaska Communications
All-Page Pagers
Alltel (Allied Wireless) MMS
Alltel (Allied Wireless) SMS
Alltel (Before Verizon Merger) #1
Alltel (Before Verizon Merger) #2
Alltel (Before Verizon Merger) #3
Arch Pagers
AT&T Enterprise Paging
AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite
AT&T Mobility (formerly Cingular) #1
AT&T Mobility (formerly Cingular) #2
AT&T Wireless (Legacy)
Bluegrass Cellular MMS
Bluegrass Cellular SMS
Bluesky Communications
Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile
C Beyond (All Page Wireless)
C Spire Wireless
Carolina West Wireless
Cellular South
Centennial Wireless
Chariton Valley Wireless
Cingular (GoPhone prepaid)
Cingular (Postpaid) #1
Cingular (Postpaid) #2
Cricket MMS
Cricket SMS
Cricket Wireless
Edge Wireless
Element Mobile
Golden State Cellular
i-wireless (Sprint PCS)
MetroCall Pagers
Nextel (Sprint) Rich Messaging
Nextel (Sprint) SMS
Page Plus Cellular (Verizon MVNO) MMS
Page Plus Cellular (Verizon MVNO) SMS
Project Fi
Qwest Wireless
RCS Pagers
Red Pocket Mobile (AT&T MVNO) MMS
Red Pocket Mobile (AT&T MVNO) SMS
Republic Wireless
Simple Mobile
South Central Communications
Sprint (PCS) SMS
Straight Talk (AT&T SIM)
Straight Talk (T-Mobile SIM MMS & SMS)
Straight Talk (T-Mobile) [Enter 1 In Front Of Your Number]
Straight Talk (Verizon)
Straight Talk MMS
Straight Talk MMS & SMS
Syringa Wireless
Telus Mobility MMS
Telus Mobility SMS
T-Mobile SMS/MMS [Enter 1 In Front Of Your Number]
TracFone (prepaid) AllTell In-Direct
TracFone (prepaid) AT&T In-Direct
TracFone (prepaid) Direct
TracFone (prepaid) T-Mobile In-Direct
TracFone (prepaid) USCC In-Direct
TracFone (prepaid) Verizon In-Direct
U.S. Cellular
U.S. Cellular
US Cellular MMS
US Cellular SMS
USA Mobility
Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless MMS
Verizon Wirelsss
Viaero MMS
Viaero SMS
Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile SMS
Voyager Mobile
West Central Wireless