Truck Check Forms allow users to quickly complete truck check offs from their phone or any computer.


Key Points:

  1. All information is saved real time.
  2. Truck Check forms are created for cell phone use to allow you to fill out the form at the unit.
  3. Your Administration may enable the ability to Copy the values from the prior completed form on to your form.
  4. Once all fields have been addressed, complete & lock out your form.
  5. Your Administration may allow you to edit your form, even after it is Completed / Locked out.

This guide will assist you with filling out a truck check off form.

  1. Click on “Features” -> “Truck Check Off” OR click “Truck Check Off” from the home page Quick Links section.
  2. Locate the form you want to fill out and click “Fill Out“.
  3. If you already have a Form In-Progress, a popup warning will indicate this.  You can have multiple forms open at once but it is not recommended.
  4. Enter the demographic fields that are enabled (ie Date, Shift, Unit/Vehicle).  These fields are required if enabled.
  5. The Notes and comments section may contain valuable information to assist you when filling out the form.
  6. If the “Copy Prior Form Values” button is shown, this will copy the most recent completed form’s values into yours. (See Image Below)
  7. Enter the information in each category and question as needed.
  8. Enter any comments or issues you have found in the lower “Comments” section.  This field may be dis-abled by your administration.
  9. If you need to leave the form before it is completed, all data will be automatically saved, and you can return to the form at a later time.
  10. Once all edits have been completed, click “Complete Form” to lock the form out.
  11. If the form was created in error, click “Delete Truck Check Form“.

Truck Check Off Form on Desktop Computer:

Truck Check Off Form on Mobile Browser:


Review the Supervisor’s Guide on creating and editing Truck Check Forms here.


Truck Check Forms – Filling Out Truck Check Forms
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