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The iOps360 platform allows you to set a Notification Quiet Time to hold your Sms/Text, Emails, and Android App notifications while you rest.  We realize that in this fast paced world we live in, sometimes we need to just un-plug.

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Notification Quiet Time allows you to select the Start Time and End Time of when you do not want to receive notifications.


Turn On/Off Notification Quiet Time

  1. Click on your Name in the Top Right Hand Corner
  2. Click “Edit Your Profile
  3. Select the “Contact” tab
  4. Move the Slider to Enable or Disable Notification Quiet Time
  5. Drag the First slider to the Start Time of when Quiet Time Should Begin (21:00 in the image)
  6. Drag the Second slider to the End Time of when Quiet Time Should End (06:30 in the image)
  7. Click “Update Your Profile“.


Once you have enabled Quiet Time and an Email/Text is created for you, these messages will be held until Quiet Time is over.  If you turn off Notification Quiet Time in your profile while a message is still in the holding queue, it will be delivered once the quiet time originally ends, even if you have disabled Quiet Time in the mean time.

Notification Quiet Time will prevent SMS, Text, Email, and Android App notifications.


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